Viral Effects: Students who went viral on social media learn to deal with positive, negative feedback

Calina He | April 19, 2019

“Going viral” was something senior Brandon Sandy and his friends never expected. However, after creating a TikTok-a short music video-in mid-February, Sandy noticed a countless number of notifications on his phone. The video, which shows Sandy and his friends dancing to a song, reached over 100,000 views in the first couple of hours, and it had over 700,000 views by the time Sandy woke up the...

Carrying the Banner: Civic Theatre’s new adaptation of “Newsies”  production provides opportunities, lessons of character

Emily Carlisle | April 19, 2019

"The woild is yer erster.” This line from the Disney-hit musical “Newsies” is exactly what Civic Theatre lives by this season. “Newsies” is based off a true story of struggle and triumph over oppression and control, and it shows that the underdogs can prevail if they work hard enough and do not quit. Residents of the Indianapolis area will have the opportunity to see the show like never...

Grace Xu | April 19, 2019

MUSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Q&A with senior Joseph Hsu, who  composed his own concerto “Non Noire Memoire”

April 19, 2019

How did you compose your concerto? I compose my music on my computer. There is a free program called “MuseScore” that allows you to do music notation. So, I was able to write my music while playing the piano onto the computer. I wrote for five parts: the piano, violin 1, violin 2, viola and cello/bass. What goes into the process of composing music? Composing music is kind of hard because...

Bring It On!: Spring musical targets high school  audience, makes adaptations from original version

Grace Xu | March 22, 2019

For this year’s spring musical, CHS will take the contemporary route by putting on the show “Bring It On.” The show centers around Campbell, who is the cheerleading captain of an affluent school before she moves to a less well-off school and has to adapt. While  CHS has showcased musicals in the past targeting different audience groups from adults to children, this year, the directors...

The New Face of Advertising: As companies turn to new platforms for advertising, students, staff reflect on impact of social media promotions

Sarah Kim | March 22, 2019

Sophomore Janvi Bhatia is a brand ambassador for the popular bracelet brand Pura Vida. “I promote (Pura Vida’s) products on social media to try to raise awareness about the brand,” she said. “In recent years, they have really gained popularity and I think some of that can be attributed to the way they advertise.” Bhatia is just one of an increasing number of teens who are promoting companies...