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After Radiothon on April 17 and 18, students share their interest in creating podcasts

Riley Laferriere | April 21, 2021

Producing podcasts has become a passion for senior Skylar Greaves, a podcast manager and creator for WHJE, and many others as the medium’s viewership has continued to increase steadily over the years. Since their creation in the early 2000s, podcasts have allowed creators like Greaves to express creativity in a more specific form. And with Radiothon approaching on April 17 and 18, it’s important...

As disputes over social media occur between millennials and Gen Z, students should take opportunities to grow closer to other Gen Z members and have discussions with Millennials

Riley Laferriere | April 16, 2021

Side parts and the laughing-crying emoji are a craze of the past according to many Gen Z’ers that have been criticizing the Millennial generation. Recently, criticisms like these have been traveling through social media platforms like TikTok, and while the discussion seems to be declining a bit, there is still talk between the groups and lessons to be learned from this and other “generational feuds.” Generational...

Music Playlist: Spring Beginnings [MUSE]

Grace Xu | March 26, 2021

MUSE is back with our original characteristic post—a music playlist for the season! Even though the spring months are often the busiest in school, I still love this time because it seems so full of possibilities. In the wake of the spring equinox, here’s a playlist made in the spirit of the season of new beginnings. Check out the playlist on Spotify at: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1HCzSEco82HWXBoNfw6yUQ?si=d5555b13445b49f9. ___________________ Music...

Q&A with senior Alexander “Alex” Ferrell, guitarist of band “Plastic Fruits”

Riley Laferriere | March 24, 2021

How did you decide on naming the band “Plastic Fruits”? We were trying to think of an indie band name, and we always had trouble finding a good name, and we were like, “Oh, Plastic Fruits, that sounds pretty indie and sounds cool,” so that’s what we went with. Where do you find inspiration for your songs? Just listening to other artists like Wallows, Declan McKenna or Boy Pablo....

Orchestra, band students prepare for ISSMA while following COVID-19 guidelines

Michelle Wan | March 22, 2021

As ISSMA  (Indiana State School Musical Association) season begins,  the CHS orchestras and bands at this school have been practicing and preparing for their competitions while taking precautions for safety against COVID-19. According to Maggie Hite, Festival and Sinfonia orchestra teacher, ISSMA performances will be virtual this year.  “Students are to upload videos of themselves playing...

CHS show choirs modify spring competition season

Emily Carlisle | March 18, 2021

This year, most groups and teams that compete or perform in any aspect have had to drastically change their plans of attack; the show choirs at this school are no exception. Last year’s show choir competition season wrapped up right as COVID-19 began to hit the United States and was cut short by one contest. This year, however, most choir students are preparing to not have any real competition season...

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