Students practice art to find structure, emotional outlet during tense time

Christian Ledbetter | August 13, 2020

Students entering the summer of 2020 had limited offerings on ways to pass the time. The gradual chipping away of lockdown orders for Governor Eric Holcomb’s five-step plan certainly gave students flexibility throughout June, but the effects of COVID-19 had not yet passed. Many had to get creative to find what they were to do which is exactly what junior Avery Slifer did. Slifer said that quarantine...

Senior Elizabeth Kneifel creates, sells custom clothing

Christian Ledbetter | August 13, 2020

What led you to start selling your butterfly sweatshirts?  I saw that specifically the butterfly sweatshirts I sell are really popular but (the originals are) really expensive. Most people don’t really wanna spend that much. So I thought if I make them myself just with craft supplies, it’s pretty simple, and sell them to other people so they can get a better deal, I can be creative and make...

Book Review: Things Fall Apart [MUSE]

Grace Xu | August 3, 2020

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe primarily follows the story of Okonkwo, set in the Nigerian Ibo villages. The first half of the novel establishes the setting and characters thoroughly, delving into the various characteristics of Ibo culture through a slice-of-life sort of pacing. The latter half then explores the turmoil and trauma that Okonkwo experiences, both as an individual and in his community,...

folklore: A Track-By-Track Breakdown [MUSE]

Wendy Zhu | July 30, 2020

foreword: It’s been a few days since Taylor Swift released her eighth studio album, “folklore,” and I’ve finally (somewhat) recovered from the surprise drop. This album represents many firsts for Swift. It’s the first time she’s released two albums within a single year. It’s the first time she’s announced an album less than 24 hours before its release. It’s the first time she’s...