As this decade comes to a close, take a look at some entertainment highlights from 2010-2019

December 12, 2019

Junior Jordan LaBoyteaux makes, sells punk jewlery

December 12, 2019

Where do you get your inspiration for the pieces you make? Sometimes I’ll go on the internet for inspiration, or I’ll watch a good show and maybe see some accessories in there and be like, “Oh my gosh, like, that’s really cool; I wonder if I can base something off of that.” How did you decide to start your own business?  I saw other people making jewelry and I was like, “Oh my gosh,...

Students, program director explain how they combine Christian faith, passion for music

Valliei Chandrakumar | December 12, 2019

With recent headlines such as “...Made Me Appreciate Christianity for the First Time” (DJBooth), “...Calls Himself ‘Greatest Artist God Ever Created’” (E! Online) and “...on a mission to ‘turn atheists into believers’” (The Irish News), Kanye West, American billionaire, rap megastar and performer, has received both backlash and support from the Christian community and his fans for...

Student character designers, art teacher describe effects of new styles of animation

Emily Carlisle | December 12, 2019

The phenomenon whereby a computer-generated figure or humanoid robot bearing a near-identical resemblance to a human being arouses a sense of unease or revulsion in the person viewing it. This is the Oxford Dictionary definition of the “uncanny valley”, a term that has become more prevalent in recent years. The uncanny valley occurs when animation or electronics are almost human-like but not quite...

12.12 Entertainment Briefs

Natalie Khamis | December 12, 2019

YouTube Playlist: Lofi Music for “Hifi” Studying [MUSE]

Grace Xu | December 11, 2019

As finals week approaches with no sign of stopping (unfortunately), here is a list of curated study music. Rather than the usual Spotify playlist, however, I’ve chosen to recommend a list of my favorite study music YouTube channels. They’re all gems filled with a whole curation of study music of their own to explore, and I’ve linked to the channels as well as my favorite video/playlist of that...