A Surreal Reality: New student Carmel Arts Council  curators to create an art gallery with CHS artwork

Grace Xu | May 23, 2019

While teenagers are often  stereotyped as rash and shallow rather than inspirational and profound, two students at this school are reversing that stereotype through a meaningful art showcase in partnership with the Carmel Arts Council (CAC). Senior Jessica Qu and junior Minjeong Kim are the 2019 CAC curators and will be curating an art gallery filled with CHS student pieces centered around themes...

FestiFails: Students should consider closer, cheaper alternatives to summer music festivals

Livvie Hurley | May 23, 2019

As summer draws closer, so does the start of the music festival season. However, I will not be one of the estimated 400,000 people attending Lollapalooza in August or one of the 80,000 attending Bonnaroo in June. As much as I would like to go to a music festival, there are some major inconveniences with the cost and location of them. With Lollapalooza in Chicago and Bonnaroo in Tennessee, neither...

To All the Directors They’ve Snubbed Before: Lack of female Oscar nominees for best director highlights implications of discrimination for female students pursuing film careers

Jessica Konrad | April 19, 2019

"Wonder woman.” “Lady Bird.” “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” Beyond the massive success of each of these films, there is another factor that unites them all. Each one features a female director. From the reception of each of these films, viewers can see that women have made tremendous progress in the film industry. Yet, in this year’s Oscar Awards, which occurred on Feb. 24, not...

Viral Effects: Students who went viral on social media learn to deal with positive, negative feedback

Calina He | April 19, 2019

“Going viral” was something senior Brandon Sandy and his friends never expected. However, after creating a TikTok-a short music video-in mid-February, Sandy noticed a countless number of notifications on his phone. The video, which shows Sandy and his friends dancing to a song, reached over 100,000 views in the first couple of hours, and it had over 700,000 views by the time Sandy woke up the...

Carrying the Banner: Civic Theatre’s new adaptation of “Newsies”  production provides opportunities, lessons of character

Emily Carlisle | April 19, 2019

"The woild is yer erster.” This line from the Disney-hit musical “Newsies” is exactly what Civic Theatre lives by this season. “Newsies” is based off a true story of struggle and triumph over oppression and control, and it shows that the underdogs can prevail if they work hard enough and do not quit. Residents of the Indianapolis area will have the opportunity to see the show like never...

Grace Xu | April 19, 2019