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Sophomore Anoushka Jena poses in her dobok for Taekwondo. Doboks are worn traditionally in Korean martial arts.

Q&A with sophomore Anoushka Jena, Taekwondo, discipline, learning transferable skills

Emma Hu September 27, 2023

What is Taekwondo?  Taekwondo is a very old form of martial arts that originated in South Korea. It’s one of the oldest forms of martial arts, about 2000-ish years old, and it’s all about self-defense.  What...

Senior Anabelle Yang holds her finished croissants. She said she enjoys baking French breads and pastries.

Q&A with senior Anabelle Yang, baking, exercising creativity, personality

Ava Reddick May 20, 2023

How did you get interested in baking? I think it has been since middle school, I don’t really know what started it. One of (the) first things I remember (is) I baked rainbow bagels because when I was...

Freshman Franklin Vrtis plays his game Roundabouts with his father. He said that he was inspired to make a tile based game from another popular card game, Carcasonne.

Q&A with freshman Franklin Vrtis, board game design, business

Jasmine Zhang April 29, 2023

Freshman Franklin Vrtis created "Roundabouts," a board game based on the City of Carmel. Here is his story. What made you want to design a board game based on Carmel roundabouts?  We moved here from...

Science teacher Craig Harper (left) on the Appalachian Trail next to the Mt. Katahdin sign in Maine in 2005. He said the best part of hiking is not knowing what would happen the next day.

Q&A with science teacher Craig Harper, hiking the Appalachian Trail

Ava Reddick March 29, 2023

What is the Appalachian Trail?  It is 2,200 miles, so you can start in Maine and go through 13 states to Georgia, or you can start in Georgia and go to Maine. It usually takes people five to six months. How...

Senior Camren Avant shows off his new hoodies for his clothing brand (Avant Virtues). Camren hopes that through his clothing brand people realize that people realize that you can actually talk to people without being judged about things like mental health.

Q&A with Camren Avant on self made clothing brand surrounding Mental Health

Jasmine Zhang March 9, 2023

What is Avant Virtues? (Avant Virtues) is basically a clothing brand. A couple of years ago I was going through a lot and I realized I wasn't the only one struggling with mental health, and it's also...

Sophomore Augustus Dagasuhan poses in front of alligator statues at the Dahilayan Adventure Park on the Philippine island of Mindanao in 2013. He said that due to the Philippines economy, the park is a great vacation spot.

Q&A with sophomore Augustus Dagasuhan on living in the Philippines

Jasmine Zhang February 7, 2023

Could you discuss when you started living in the Philippines? Were you born there? Do your parents have connections there? How long did you live there for? I was born in the Philippines and I came here...

Math teacher Scott Staley runs in the Ironman 70.3 race in Muncie, Ind. on Oct. 1, 2022. He said he plans to run 1,000 miles this year.

Q&A with math teacher Scott Staley on long-distance running

Oleksandr Marmuta January 30, 2023

How did you start running? When I turned 30, I decided (that) I wanted to get into better shape, so when I hit that age I said, “You know what? I need to do that.” I wasn’t a big runner before that....

Yi Lin Yang, president of the Digital Health Club presents how to help cure Parkinsons disease. She said they are currently working on a machine learning program to remove the effects of the disease from peoples speech.

Q&A with Yi Lin Yang, Digital Health Club founder and senior

Jasmine Zhang January 24, 2023

What is the Digital Health Club? We do research on wearable devices such as the Empatica E4 as a type of wearable device. It contains clusters of sensors that measure a ton of physiological signals, like...

Teacher Laura Moore stands with one of her photos and a camera. She said she gets inspirations from the other art she sees and books she reads.

Q&A with teacher Laura Moore, photography and art

Oleksandr Marmuta January 13, 2023

How can you describe your work as a photographer? I have two avenues of photography, I have a license in photography education, and I carry a dual license. So I can teach English, but I can also teach...

Evelyn Tennenhouse, competitive rock climber and senior, practices at Hoosier Heights. She said this is her fourth year of competitive climbing.

Q&A with Evelyn Tennenhouse on Rock Climbing

Lydia Teeter December 1, 2022

How did you get involved in rock climbing? So, I actually used to live in Ireland. That was just for a couple years, and I started there. I think it was just from going to a birthday party or something...

Aastha Sharma, boxer, demonstrates one of her stances. Sharma said she started boxing after getting inspiration from her father and brother.

Q&A with senior Aastha Sharma, boxing and exercise

Ava Reddick October 18, 2022

What first got you into boxing? “I first started in 4th grade. My family, my dad and my brother had started boxing so I was like ‘okay I should start getting some exercise’. The gym I went to...

Senior Angela Peng, fashion YouTuber shows off her channel analytics. Peng said she loves interacting with people who comment on her YouTube videos.

Q&A with senior Angela Peng on fashion, creating YouTube content

Jasmine Zhang September 26, 2022

When did you start your YouTube channel and why? I started my YouTube channel in 2020 because I was doing virtual school and COVID-19 was hitting so I couldn't go out anywhere . Usually at school, I...

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