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Aastha Sharma, boxer, demonstrates one of her stances. Sharma said she started boxing after getting inspiration from her father and brother.

Q&A with senior Aastha Sharma, boxing and exercise

Ava Reddick October 18, 2022

What first got you into boxing? “I first started in 4th grade. My family, my dad and my brother had started boxing so I was like ‘okay I should start getting some exercise’. The gym I went to...

Senior Angela Peng, fashion YouTuber shows off her channel analytics. Peng said she loves interacting with people who comment on her YouTube videos.

Q&A with senior Angela Peng on fashion, creating YouTube content

Jasmine Zhang September 26, 2022

When did you start your YouTube channel and why? I started my YouTube channel in 2020 because I was doing virtual school and COVID-19 was hitting so I couldn't go out anywhere . Usually at school, I...

Darcie Stanisic, fashion and textiles teacher, shows off a page of her design portfolio. Stanisic said she first became interested in making clothes in middle school.

Q&A with fashion teacher Darcie Stanisic on designing, creating clothes

Jasmine Zhang September 19, 2022

How did you get involved in fashion? How did you start making clothes? I first got interested in making clothes and sewing when I went to Clay Middle School. I don’t think they do this anymore, but...

SHOE SHRINE: Brandon Trinh lays out his collection of shoes. According to Trinh, he has collected twelve pairs of shoes.

Q&A with junior Brandon Trinh on shoe collection, collecting refurbished shoes

Michelle Wan May 20, 2022

What inspired you to start shoe collecting? The main thing that inspired me to start collecting was the interesting designs, and wanting to expand my wardrobe. I also thought that it would be something...

Junior Sophia Yang works on a jewelry piece. Yang
sells her handmade jewelry on Instagram by posting
pictures. “When selling things you want to keep
in mind the variety of specific groups of people or
customers who you think will be interested; this is a
good way to kind of guarantee profit,” Yang said.

Q&A with junior Sophia Yang on jewelry-making, running small business

Michelle Wan April 22, 2022

What inspired you to start your jewelry business? I was inspired to start it because I just wanted to be more financially independent and I also didn’t think I had the time to be employed in an...

Ingersoll holds a puppy service dog in her
lap. According to Ingersoll, “It’s important to expose them to situations outside that your dog wouldn’t be able to experience at home.”

Q&A with sophomore Abigail “Abby” Ingersoll on training, working with service dogs

Michelle Wan March 25, 2022

When did you start training service dogs? I believe in February of 2019, we started getting into it but, the summer before we started working with the puppies and not just the dogs. Were there any obstacles...

Q&A with freshman Josh Cale, self-proclaimed “roller coaster enthusiast”

Q&A with freshman Josh Cale, self-proclaimed “roller coaster enthusiast”

Lorna Ding February 17, 2022

What sparked your interest in roller coasters? I just remember growing up, my family would take me to Kings Island every year. Leading up to the park visit, I would look back on past maps and that...

History teacher Kenneth Browner poses with his comic books. According to Browner, Well there are so many different titles and varieties of books that meet all types of people and needs, emotionally, socially. I just think it’s a good way to really learn. I learned a lot from just reading comic books.

Q&A with History teacher Kenneth Browner on passion for collecting comic books

Michelle Wan January 20, 2022

How did you get inspired to start a comic book collection? (I started) in about 1974. I had friends in the neighborhood that were collecting comic books so I just joined in. I’m (kind...

Junior Peyton Henney mixes protein powder into her water bottle post-workout in her kitchen. According to Henney, “My favorite ‘cheat’ snack is anything chocolate and my favorite healthy snack is frozen strawberries with vanilla Greek yogurt.”

Q&A with Junior Peyton “Pey” Henney on sharing fitness journey through social media

Luke Miller December 13, 2021

How did you get into fitness? After dealing with some health struggles, one of my friends introduced me to the fitness community and what weight lifting was. After that I completely fell in love and...

Freshman Eleanor DeMoe skates with the Indianapolis Junior Roller Derby. Demoe said roller derby is a fun and challenging sport that keeps her motivated in life.

Q&A with freshman Eleanor Demoe on passion for roller derby, involvement in the Indianapolis Junior Roller Derby

Michelle Wan November 12, 2021

When did you start doing roller derby? I started doing roller derby when I was 8 (years old). I was watching a movie with my mom and got super interested in the idea of it. I asked my mom if it was...

Q&A with senior Gurleen Kaur on her avid interest in astrology and zodiac charts

Q&A with senior Gurleen Kaur on her avid interest in astrology and zodiac charts

Maryam Hafeez October 22, 2021

How long have you been interested in astrology and what sparked your interest? I’ve been interested in astrology for as long as I can remember. It was always in the background of my life because...

Q&A with library specialist John Love on his passion for collecting LEGO sets

Q&A with library specialist John Love on his passion for collecting LEGO sets

Emily Sandy and Riley TerBush September 23, 2021

How did you start your LEGO collection? My kids are now 23 and 21. (Growing up,) they loved LEGO(s), so we always (bought) these LEGO sets for birthdays, holidays, and random days. The big sets that...

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