With applying to college during COVID-19, take time to relieve stress

Calina He | November 18, 2020

Just like most seniors,  I am in the process of applying to college. Especially this year, when I wasn’t able to visit colleges in-person and had to rely on learning about colleges virtually, the stress of choosing schools and applying is ever-growing. I have watched campus tours and participated in virtual informational sessions for hours on end, worrying about applications and applying to the...

Women’s body hair standards are toxic, should be free to choose whether they shave

November 18, 2020

Last year, after experiencing painful razor bumps, irritation and itchiness after shaving, I decided to put down the razor for good. For over a year, I’ve left my leg hair alone even during shorts and swimsuit season. It was a decision that only came with benefits for me; I didn’t need to spend time or money shaving, and I didn’t care about the cosmetic aspect. I wasn’t at all bothered by my...

Graphic Perspective: Zoom Thanksgiving

Lillian He | November 15, 2020

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Graphic Perspective: Christmas Creep

Joshika Sathyamathan | November 15, 2020

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In-person college visits matter, but applicants should stay safe and find alternatives

Maddie Kosc | November 14, 2020

Spring break of my freshman year, I visited nearly 15 universities over the span of a week. My sister, who was a soon-to-be senior, was visiting as many colleges as she could before her time to apply came. Little did I know that when my time to apply came, we would be in the middle of a deadly global pandemic. Looking back, I am very thankful that my family dragged me along on all of their college...

CHS should consider opening CHS earlier, give students time to prepare

Eva Glazier | November 13, 2020

When I first heard that the school was going to open later, I was excited. This meant I could sleep in and actually get a good night’s rest. However, once I heard that school was going to get out at 3:45 p.m., I realized that I would need to come into the school in the morning to get some work done, considering we essentially lost an hour after school. I assumed that school would still open at 7...