Global Cooling [Graphic Perspective]

Robbie Ge | February 22, 2019

Sorry, Can’t Hear Broke [Graphic Perspective]

Jackie Hur | February 22, 2019

Web of Respect: It’s important to be mindful of military’s contributions in our lives, consider their various services

Tessa Collinson | February 22, 2019

When I tell people that I’m a little sister, they are often surprised. No one knows I have an older brother—specifically, one who is an active duty member in the military. In the three and a half years since my brother, Will, joined the Navy, he has visited countless countries, and eventually achieved the rank of petty officer second class. To most people, those words sound like something...

‘Snap’ and Chat’: Students should use Snapchat more efficiently by chatting with friends when sending photos

Alina Yu | February 22, 2019

How often are you on your phone? Every hour? Every minute? When I look at the Screen Time tab in the Settings app on my iPhone, I see over half of my time is spent under “social networking.” And over 90 percent of the time, that time is spent on Snapchat. It always amazes me how much time I see under that tab and then realizing that every snap I send to my friends is another minute added onto...

HiLite Staff | February 22, 2019

As of late, students, staff and administration here have been upgrading almost every technological aspect of the school to much success. Canvas has allowed access to files and documents for students on a computer or phone and has provided more technology-based options for teachers. PowerSchool gave the gradebook system a long needed overhaul, allowing students to get much faster updates on their grades...

Here’s the Scope: Despite opposition, people should keep horoscopes alive, appreciate their true purpose

Anna Klauz | February 22, 2019

Astrology dates back to the ancient days when the divination by the stars was an essential practice to find a glimpse of your future endeavors. A modern-day twist has been implemented shifting its focus more on the social science aspect of psychology rather the observational science it used to be entertained around. With the birth of astrology from the Babylonians, the ancient times had created astrology...