March 23, 2018

Aditi Kumar | March 23, 2018

Heidi Peng | March 23, 2018

To see Feature Editor Heidi Peng and Reporter Raphael Li's opposing perspectives on religion, click here and here....

Love Thy Neighbor: As Easter approaches, CHS students should not allow religion to prevent friendships, create stereotypes

Raphael Li | March 23, 2018

We live today in a society dominated by a merit-based work philosophy. I’m surrounded daily by people who seem to believe that only through their power and their will can they succeed in life; however, for me, when surrounded by this philosophy, I feel the exact opposite. In the past, whenever I have used my power to succeed in life, I just ended up feeling broken. It seemed the more I tried to ...

Adhi Ramkumar | February 23, 2018

Identify the correct music terminology associated with each of the boxed areas. Stay tuned for an answer key.

Take Note: CHS should consider benefits of offering AP Music Theory for students

Jessica Konrad, Reporter | February 23, 2018

While skimming the program of studies in the process of scheduling for next year, I noticed a glaring discrepancy within the performing arts section. Known for its history of excellence, the CHS performing arts department offers students an extensive array of advanced musical ensembles. However, when it comes to instructing students in the fundamentals of music, CHS is seriously lacking in advanced mus...