Knitting a Gnome: Here’s How

Lily McAndrews | December 13, 2018

To accompany her column on hand-made gifts, reporter Lily McAndrews shares a knitting tutorial for making a gnome. Supplies. To get started you need yarn of any color of your choice and a little piece of face colored yarn for the head. Knitting needles that correlate to the gauge of your yarn. Sewing needle with a bigger eye hole to fit the yard, scissors to cut and stuffing for inside of the gnome....

A Timeless Classic: Classic Christmas carols offer listeners feelings of hope unparalleled by contemporary carols

Jessica Konrad | December 13, 2018

"A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.”

Family First: People should spend more quality time with their families

Angela Qian | December 13, 2018

Like many students, I traveled over Thanksgiving break to visit family. But this family was my mom, and it was the first time I’d seen her in months. My sister came home from college, and we were all together as a family for the first time since school started. Just for a little background, my mom’s job relocated her to Iowa in January, so I live here with my dad, but we’ll all move in with...

Recycling Renovations: New recycling policy is an improvement, but would benefit from clearer instructions

December 13, 2018

In this day and age, with the planet’s temperature consistently increasing and sea levels rising, it’s vital to make little changes to culminate to a greater overall effect. However, it’s not hard to accidentally throw away recyclable items like papers, magazines and bottles into a trash can. A large school like CHS that consumes a large supply of resources has a substantial carbon footprint,...

Graphic Perspective: Black Friday

Angela Li | November 24, 2018

New Voices Legislation Bill: How can you help?

Adhi Ramkumar | November 18, 2018

Read our 11.16 Staff Editorial about New Voices Indiana here.