Students should deconstruct academic stereotypes about Asian Americans

Lorna Ding and Eva Glazier | March 18, 2022

Enter the classroom of a math-related club. Most of the students there are Asian. Math is their favorite subject. They take high-level math courses in school and additional classes taught by college professors outside of school. This is the stereotypical image of Asians; we love math, we’re good at it and we don’t struggle with it. This assumption has pervaded society. The 1987 Time magazine...

Although perceived as fortunate, people in Carmel still suffer through daily struggles

Royce Brown and Tsion Daniel | March 17, 2022

Last winter break, I went skiing in Perfect North with my friends. There was one instance where I was separated from all of my friends, and seeing that there was no point in searching for them, I went on a lift with a stranger. This boy was about the same age as me, and we made small talk, consisting of the usual “How are you?” and “What’s your name?”  Finally, he asked which city I was...

People should adopt from shelters, refrain from adopting from breeders solely for purebreds

Leah Tan | February 27, 2022

It’s National Love your Pet Day on Feb. 20, and as I cuddle next to my dog, Emma, I can’t help but be reminded of when it all began. Ten years ago, I entered the shelter hoping to get the dog of my dreams: an American Eskimo. Yet, as I walked around, I couldn’t find that breed; in fact, I couldn’t find any recognizable breed. The shelter was filled with different mixed breeds, and up until...

Graphic: try it out

Aniket Biswal | February 25, 2022

View more of Aniket Biswal’s works here.

This district should resume contact tracing COVID-19, make masks mandatory at extracurriculars

Staff Editorial | February 17, 2022

On Jan. 20, this district announced it would cut back on contact tracing. In its short statement, the district reasoned that this was to limit “multiple notifications of exposure.” Additionally, the district will continue to make masks optional at after-school activities.  This announcement came after the district reached its highest number of cases in one week with it reporting 534 positive...

Despite Bill 1134’s recent approval by Indiana House, lawmakers, students, teachers should voice concerns to keep discussions in classrooms

Sowmya Chundi | February 16, 2022

A few weeks ago, I was walking into the girl’s restroom when I noticed the wall lined with black and white posters reading “Your Education Matters” and “Vote No to House Bill 1134!” in large letters. While I had heard about a controversial education bill being passed in the Indiana House, reading its details on a poster above the sink immediately alarmed me. House Bill 1134, titled “Education...

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