Q&A with Selam Waclawik, Co-President of Black Student Alliance on racial tensions at Carmel

Andrew Caito | September 23, 2020

How do you feel about racial injustice within school? (How bad do you think it is?) For me I have dealt with microaggressions such as being stereotyped and being compared to every single black person, being assumed to what I am. The racial injustice in our school could be a lot better; I wish staff would talk more about it, teach the kids what not to say, and what not to say.  What do you think...

Despite CCS district making new changes to promote diversity, administration still must take additional steps for better racial inclusivity

Staff Editorial | September 23, 2020

Over the past summer, representatives from the CCS district met with a new organization, Carmel Against Racial Injustice, to discuss educational reforms and racial equity within the school district. In light of this, the district has announced plans to incorporate several steps to promote equality. According to Assistant Superintendent Tom Oestreich, the district plans to create a diversity website,...

Toxic stigma surrounds crying despite it being effective coping mechanism for stress, should be normalized

Valliei Chandrakumar | September 23, 2020

The United States is approaching 200,000 COVID-19 deaths; deadly shootings happen every week here in Indiana; racial tensions are rising nationwide over the shootings of African-American people at the hands of police brutality… 2020 is giving us a lot of reasons to cry and sometimes, we humans need to do just that. The stigma surrounding mental health issues is prevalent in our everyday lives at...

Arguing with teen workers over masks achieves nothing, comply with mask regulations

Tessa Collinson | September 21, 2020

On July 27, Indiana issued the mask mandate. As a worker at Freddy’s Frozen Custard on 146th Street, my coworkers and I are required to enforce the mask mandate. We can’t choose whether or not we want to enforce it. However, customers ranging from teenagers to middle-aged men regularly argue with me about wearing masks almost every time I work. One night last month, an old man ranted to me for...

New SSRT change does not benefit students

Hannah Baer | September 18, 2020

As a student who is involved in many things, SRT is a really important time for me to finish work and meet with teachers. Throughout the previous two years I have spent at CHS, SRT has allowed me to become a more productive student and work on time management in general. For example, if I had to make-up a Spanish quiz for one portion of the time and then go to my math class for the other half, I would.  This...

Graphic Perspective: Sleep Schedules

Aniket Biswal | September 15, 2020

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