No Regrets: Students should strive to have a high school experience they will look back on fondly

Emily Worrell | May 18, 2018

As I look back on my high school experience, an overwhelming number of memories floods my brain, both good and bad. Of course, I remember all the late-night cramming sessions, near mental breakdowns, getting jostled around in crowded hallways and other typical high school problems. But more than that, I remember the good things. I remember getting my first role in a CHS show. I remember attending Homecoming...

A Unique Promposal: CHS administration should work with students to enhance the prom experience

HiLite Staff | April 20, 2018

Prom remains an integral part of the high school experience for the sake of aesthetic photos and adorable “promposals.” However, according to Cristen Cassler, prom coordinator and English teacher, there has been a recent downturn in prom attendance with 1,468 students attending in 2015 compared to only 1,014 students attending last year even though the student population has increased. For example,...

Your Classes, Your Choices: CHS students should choose courses based on interests rather than outside pressures.

Raiha Zainab | April 20, 2018

It's now that time of year when everyone starts preparing for the year ahead, whether that means preparing for your final days at this school or just a well-needed summer break. It is also that time of year when everyone finalizes their class schedules, making sure that you’re happy with what you’re taking.

Respect The Game: With the start of golf season, CHS students should  acknowledge athletic ability, numerous skills required to play golf

Satvik Kandru, Reporter | April 20, 2018

I have played golf since i was seven years old and developed a passion for the sport over the years. However, I endured a wide amount of criticism. I have learned how society perceives golf not as a sport but a hobby. A good amount of people seem to think that golf isn’t a sport solely because of the lack of physical activity and training that golfers receive as opposed to other sports. While that...

Make Carmel Musical: CHS students should support “Rebirth” concert series, music scene in Carmel

Emily Worrell | April 20, 2018

On March 10, Shark Mouth Productions launched their “Rebirth of a Music Scene” concert series at the Carmel Apprentice Theatre (CAT) in downtown Carmel. As someone who has always wanted to go to concerts but rarely had the opportunity, I was extremely excited by the prospect of a safe, local concert that wasn’t too expensive, so I decided to go with a few friends.  The energy in the venue was...

Cashing in on Cold Brew: Coffee shops, both big, small, take consumers along with them as they raise prices.

Alina Husain | April 20, 2018

These days, a four or five dollar cup of coffee has become commonplace across most of America. I myself am guilty of making frequent Starbucks runs and stops at local coffee shops where I find myself paying an arm and a leg for my daily dose of caffeine. However, as I have become increasingly cognizant of my coffee expenditures, I decided to dig a bit deeper into exactly why so many coffee shops have...