Students should aim to judge presidents in totality, account for strengths and flaws

Ashwin Prasad | February 15, 2021

The 2020 election is finally in the rearview mirror, and a new administration has taken office. Joe Biden’s first days as president have certainly been eventful; according to NPR, Biden has signed 28 executive orders in his first 14 days in office. With the U.S. battling grave crises, Biden’s actions will lay the foundation for his presidential legacy for good or ill. That brings me to Presidents’...

Students should consider applying for local scholarships in second semester

Gray Martens | February 15, 2021

College applications are a pain. They’re the final hurdle of high school for most students, and whether you’re filling out two applications or twelve, it’s rarely a fun process. First, you have to fill out the seemingly endless Common App information, then somehow sum yourself up in 650 words or less in the Common App essay. Then comes the tidal wave of “optional” supplemental essays for...

Late Vaccines Expectations

Ray Mo | February 14, 2021

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Black women are often underrepresented in history, students must change conversations in politics to thank, include them

Sowmya Chundi | February 14, 2021

Ever since middle school history class, I’ve always been intrigued by our country’s past and the incredible people who paved the way for young girls like me to be more involved in education and activism. However, it became obvious to me that much of our history was taken over by affluent white men, leaving the narratives of minorities and women out of the conversation. It’s easy to name the...

Being physically alone should be normalized, promotes self-growth

February 14, 2021

For my entire life, I have always considered myself to be an introvert: I get drained quickly from large social gatherings, I have a small group of close-knit friends, and, most notably, I cherish my alone time. The way that I spend my time alone is something I had never questioned until recently.  When I was younger, solitude equated to getting lost in books. Today, being alone means spending hours...

Graphic Perspective: Cha-Ching!

Maddie Misterka | February 14, 2021

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