Keep It Clean: Students should consider others’ health, maintain cleanliness of CHS restrooms

HiLite Staff | April 19, 2019

For the most part at this school, students are granted the privilege of using the restroom whenever they feel the need to. With the exception of some teachers’ judgements and bathroom passes, students  will almost never come across strict administrative scrutiny for traveling to a bathroom. However, with this freedom, students should consider how they use and treat the school’s restrooms—using...

Viola Lives Matter: Students lose passion for extracurricular activities, result of pressures of maintaining this school’s reputation

Natalie Khamis | April 19, 2019

After almost six years of playing the viola, performing in over 20 concerts, and countless hours of practicing, I can confidently say orchestra holds a special place in my heart. From receiving my very first piece of sheet music to performing a whole symphony, that place in my heart grew and my love for the orchestra program became stronger. Over the years, the orchestra program has shaped me as...

Prank Time: With the end of the school year coming up, faculty should consider allowing a senior prank

Apurva Manas | April 19, 2019

We seniors have spent nearly four years at this school and current seniors have gone through seven finals weeks, SATs/ACTs, ISTEP exams and much more. Most of us have experienced high amounts of stress with academics and athletics consuming most of our time. With that in mind, where is the time for joy? As we enter the final stretch  of school, I wonder what I will truly remember as my favorite parts...

More than a Method: In light of STD Awareness Month, stigma surrounding  birth control pills is unwarranted due to their wide range of uses

Josie Cruzan | April 19, 2019

While there are many forms of birth control available, one of the most common is the birth control pill. It has many different forms and variations depending on the hormone levels of whoever is taking it and the contents of the pill itself. There is a stigma surrounding the pill, as those who take it are often regarded as promiscuous or “fast” and shamed for their choice. However, people take the...

Pay the Subsidy: Because AP, IB tests are expensive, Indiana should consider subsidizing all standardized tests

Lin-Lin Mo | April 19, 2019

Every spring, our school’s gyms, theaters and classrooms are lined wall-to-wall with beige and gray desks. Students stand in queues holding their student IDs, pencil cases and water bottles in hand to spend their morning or afternoon inside those rooms taking standardized exams. I have been in those lines now for my fourth year. Our school offers AP and IB exams which are meant to give students an...

Zero out of Ten: Ten minutes added onto school day helps district meet time requirement, creates issues for community

March 22, 2019

To make up for two snow days, Carmel Clay Schools (CCS) added 10 minutes to every school day. State legislature requires Indiana schools to have 180 days of instructional time (defined as time in which students participate in an approved educationally-related activity under the direction of a teacher) each school year. However, CCS has performed well enough to bypass the day requirement, so our district...