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Considering risky behavior in teen drivers, students should wait until ready to get license

Olivia Stock | April 15, 2021

As more people are getting vaccinated and society continues its journey back to relative normalcy, traveling and visiting family are becoming things people feel more comfortable with. A big part of such travel is driving, as teenagers in Indiana are able to get a learner’s permit at 15 and a driver’s license at 16 years and 90 days. However, according to the Federal Highway Administration, only...

Students should rethink values for volunteering, restore purpose over prestige when gaining service hours

Alivia Romaniuk | April 15, 2021

Our good friend phoebe from Friends once said that there is no selfless good deed. Every good deed yields some return, whether it be a feeling of satisfaction, praise from others or a boosted status. Phoebe’s words ring true, especially when it comes to volunteering amongst high school students. The third week of April is National Volunteer Week, and as COVID-19 restrictions are dying down, there...

Men should stop dismissing women’s concerns  by saying “Not All Men,” listen, support them instead

Kruti Subbannavar | April 11, 2021

About six months ago, I was mindlessly scrolling down Instagram when this reel caught my eye. It was about a male Tik-Toker asking his female followers what they would do if the world had no men for an entire day.  The simplicity of the responses made them extremely relatable, but also sad. The fact that women weren’t safe to go out on a run, or travel alone, or simply walk down a street without...

Lack of uniform communication about AP exams causes confusion among students, keeping students informed allows for smoother exam weeks

HiLite Staff | April 11, 2021

Beginning the first week of May, students will come into the school as early as 8 a.m. for AP exams. All exams will be administered in-person, with a few exceptions. Due to the challenges of COVID-19, the counseling department chose later exam dates for several classes to make up for any lost instruction time. We commend this decision as it allows students to review material and also prepare for...

Students should evaluate the importance of poetry, the benefits it has and reflect on diversity

Zainab Idrees | March 27, 2021

Poetry is a form of art; it’s a way of expressing something in an untraditional manner.  When you think of poetry, you’re most likely picturing those old guys writing about loneliness ,and that’s what many people have been exposed to. But that’s not all poetry has to offer. While many students have read poems by authors that aren’t relevant to our day and age, it’s important to realize...

Politicization of climate change is detrimental, need to implement long-term solutions like rebuilding energy infrastructure

Leah Tan | March 26, 2021

As brutal winter storms settle, the issue of the Texas blackouts have become less prevalent in the news, but the actual situation is far from becoming “less prevalent.” Rather, the blackouts have only highlighted a larger issue in America that needs to be tackled. After the blackouts began, Gov. Greg Abbott immediately took to Fox News and blamed the use of renewable energy. Soon after, many were...

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