The Right Outfit: Halloween costumes should be cautious toward sensitive subjects but not restricted because of fear of cultural appropriation

Sowmya Chundi | October 24, 2019

Just last year, Auli’i Cravalho, the actress who played Moana, declared it “absolutely appropriate” for kids to dress up as the Polynesian princess as long as it was in the “spirit of love.” But people were quick to dismiss her opinion, saying it doesn’t speak for everyone, and that there’s more to Polynesian history than just the Disney interpretation. For years, there has been a considerable...

Seen But Not Heard: Age should not define the credibility of activists

Josie Cruzan | October 24, 2019

More and more often, young people are actively involved in the political conversation of the United States. While young people have been actively involved in politics since Joan of Arc, teenage leadership of discussions has become the norm. As one of those teenagers involved in the political workings of my country and my community, I look up to climate activists like Greta Thunberg and Mari Copeny...

Developing Carmel: Although it comes with downsides, Carmel’s increasing metropolitanization is beneficial

Anushka Dasgupta, Ray Mo | October 24, 2019

When driving through Carmel, there always seems to be more construction: a new roundabout, building or neighborhood. To many, these constant projects can be annoying—a hassle to avoid when trying to get to a destination. While there is truth to this sentiment, these projects truly represent Carmel’s drive for improvement and its goal to be a metropolis. The proof of the metropolitanization of...

Edward Dong | October 24, 2019

Drop The Beat: Spotify should be unrestricted on school internet

Ray Mo | October 24, 2019

Iam an avid Spotify user. Each morning, I wake up to the sound of lo-fi hip hop. In the car, I jam out to my favorite Spotify beats. Even when I am studying, I listen to instrumental music. But for the seven hours of my day that I am in school, I can do none of these things. Spotify is banned on school internet, meaning that for about seven hours of my day, I am not able to listen to music unless I...

Grace Belt | October 24, 2019