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Senior Rhea Adesara and Junior Keshvi Patel tap dandiya together on October 1st, 2022. Multiple CHS students attended the event which celebrates Navaratri.

In honor of Navaratri, which ends Oct. 5, students discuss representation here, share celebrations

Lorna Ding October 3, 2022

While other Hindu holidays are more publicized, junior Keshvi Patel said Navaratri is one that is less well-known. Navaratri, which takes place from Sept. 26 to Oct. 5, is a Hindu holiday that celebrates...

Senior George Huang plays his tenor saxophone. Huang currently plays multiple instruments and enjoys exploring different genres of music.

Student musicians, band directors discuss playing music for multiple genre groups

Ayaan Nadeem and Rose Clark September 27, 2022

When a person begins their journey into music, many often encourage them to stay within their chosen genre. However, senior George Huang, who began to play the acoustic guitar at age 10, has a different...

Junior Caroline Miller displays the tattoo on her arm. The tattoo reads, Sometimes we laugh sometimes we cry.

With National Tattoo Story Day on Sept. 16, students, tattoo artists share their tattoo stories, discuss stigma

Lorna Ding September 16, 2022

While some people use their voice or writing to tell their stories, senior Sophie Esposito uses her tattoos—one of butterflies and one of the word “balance.” She said both tattoos hold significant...

Junior Sehej Aurora talks to freshman, Naina Jakhar about the transition to high school. “GKOM program does a really good job of welcoming freshmen and ensuring that they’re comfortable in the new high school environment,” she said.

Freshman, GKOM discuss transition from middle school to high school

Pahal Sehgal September 13, 2022

When freshman Naina Jakhar entered high school a mere few weeks ago, she said she faced a massive change of environment and was engulfed by a sea of emotions. “I was nervous about coming into...

Students, city officials discuss effects of suburban expansion on environment

Students, city officials discuss effects of suburban expansion on environment

Royce Brown and Sam Hawkins May 20, 2022

A paradox of modern life is that many people move away from cities to come closer to nature. Often, those people end up moving into suburbs, where space is more abundant and properties encompass more land...

Elsa Barron,
with Hoosier
Interfaith Power
and Light (HIPL)
and Christian,
speaks at a
climate rally
in the Indiana
Barron said,
“The good
work that is
through things
like creation
care is still good
work, and it is
important to
continue it.”

Students, activist are inspired by religion to improve environment, engage in activism

Sumedha Kota and Claire He May 19, 2022

Senior Luca Kim, who identifies as a Christian, said she believes there exists an important intersection between Christ and the environment. According to Kim, faith has helped her connect with the Earth.  “Church...

Maanya Rajesh, Green Action Club (GAC) co-President and senior, reviews her notes before meeting with Carmel City Councilor Tim Hannon. Rajesh and other members of GAC met with members of the Carmel city council to advocate for the passing of a climate action plan, set to be voted around May 16.

Students call for implementation of Carmel’s Climate Action Plan

Chenyao Liu May 18, 2022

Every so often, Julien Doty, member of Green Action Club (GAC) and junior, stops by the Panera Bread on Rangeline Road. Though most students go to Panera to eat and relax, Doty goes for a different reason....

Nancy Zhang
throws away
her trash after
lunch. “We need
to implement
policies and ideas
at our school
to reduce food
waste and protect
the environment,”
she said.

Student, staff discuss implications, solutions to school food waste

Lorna Ding and Arya Pinnamaneni May 17, 2022

After buying her lunch on a daily basis, sophomore Nancy Zhang said she noticed a disturbing amount of waste in the trash cans. “Every day, I see unopened food or just half-eaten food in the trash...

Senior Clizia Martini drinks bubble tea.

With National Bubble Tea Day on April 30, students discuss significance, history of bubble tea in Asia, United States

Michelle Wan and Jasmine Zhang April 28, 2022

Originating from the 1980s in Taiwan, bubble tea quickly became a favorite and classic in Asia. It did not take long for its popularity to spread to Japan and Korea in the 1990s and to the Western hemisphere,...

Senior Sophia Gilliam reads to elementary school students. Gilliam said teaching children has taught her many lessons.

With Teachers’ Day on May 3, students, teacher reflect on impact of being around children, lessons learned from teaching young kids

Cady Armstrong April 25, 2022

Senior Zendalin Hibbard-Hernandez spends half of every school day assisting in the Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) room for students with disabilities at Carmel Middle School. “Every...

Amazon’s electric vehicle promise extends far-reaching implications, hopes for student, businesses, environmental policy

Archit Kalra April 22, 2022

Senior Shrithan Sandadi said his family often uses Amazon to purchase their everyday items. “We use Amazon a lot,” Sandadi said. “It’s really convenient because it gives you all the different...

Electrified – A Look at Electric Vehicles

Electrified – A Look at Electric Vehicles

Archit Kalra and Daniel Tian April 20, 2022

Click here to view an interactive webpage that contains more information on electric vehicles.

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