Weight On Your Shoulders: Students, staff examine potential health effects of carrying heavy backpacks

Sarah Zheng | September 20, 2019

For CHS students, backpacks are an essential part of their life, as carrying a backpack all day can be more convenient than putting textbooks in a locker, but according to a survey conducted by Consumer Reports, the average high school student’s backpack weighs 18.4 pounds, which can lead to problems. Sophomore Emma Xiao has a backpack that weighs at least 20 pounds. Due to her heavy backpack, Xiao...

Students, Athletic Director Jim Inskeep offer their view on the new “Step Up to Sexual Assault Program”

Emily Sandy and Lillian He | September 20, 2019

Q & A with Athletic Director Jim Inskeep Why was this program implemented at Carmel High School? In the summer of 2018, some of the district administrators, myself and (Principal Thomas) Harmas, started talking about ways that we could better educate and protect our students. Over the years, we've given a lot of education and material guidelines with our adults, whether that be teachers,...

New fire drill policy, Carmel revoted safest place to live in U.S., raises questions over how prepared students are for emergencies

Leslie Huang | September 20, 2019

Known by some as the “Beverly Hills of the Midwest,” Carmel has been named time and time again as one of the safest places to live in America, most recently in August 2019. According to AreaVibes, Carmel’s crime rate is 72% lower than the national average. Despite numerous credentials proving its safety, there is still a concern that the unexpected may happen and that living in Carmel has caused...

Step Up to Sexual Assault: Administration, students focus on importance of new sexual assault prevention presentation

Kassandra Darnell | September 20, 2019

Logan Sandlin, varsity track and junior varsity cross-country runner and senior, sits among his teammates in the auditorium before practice as he listens to the “Step Up to Stop Sexual Assault” presentation. The presentation is a new program being presented to the athletics and performing arts departments and student government this year by the law firm Church Church Hittle + Antrim in coordination...

In light of recent Fair Oaks incident, students, dietitian explain experience with, reasoning behind vegan lifestyles

Grace Xu | August 13, 2019

The day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the winter of 2018, junior Carmen Broadnax suddenly decided to never eat meat again. And not just meat, either. She’d chosen to cut out all animal-related foods from her diet, including dairy, seafood and egg. In other words, she’d simply decided to become a vegan. However, was her decision really that sudden? Broadnax said that while she did become...

With World Humanitarian Day on Aug. 19, students reflect on experiences helping communities in need

Natalie Khamis | August 13, 2019

Once a week throughout his sophomore year, senior William “Will” Pugh would set aside his homework for an hour or two and log onto his computer. A few moments later, a group of excited children from a rural village in Cambodia would appear on the screen, ready for their next English lesson with Pugh, their teacher. Pugh is a part of the TASSEL (Teaching And Sharing Skills to Enrich Lives) Club...