Tea enthusiasts consider history, heritage, importance of tea in their lives

Kruti Subbannavar | January 24, 2021

It is dinner time and as junior Remi Shirayanagi eats she takes sips of brown tea on the side. Remi said that all of her family drink tea together, mostly at mealtimes.  “I drink tea like I do water,” Remi said.   Remi said tea drinking has been a prevalent part of her life as she is of both Japanese and Chinese descent. She said the box of tea in her fridge is always full, and its contents...

Students, professor discuss Korean representation in school curriculum

Tsion Daniel | January 14, 2021

For senior Lauren Lee, Korean culture isn’t just a part of her, it is her identity, an integral part of who she is, and as Korean American Day is Jan. 13, students at this school like Lee said they are taking a closer look at Korean culture.  Lee said, “It’s hard to really say (what Korean culture means to me) just because it’s been part of my life since I was born, but I would say that...

Students, teachers discuss the value of taking higher level courses

Kiersten Riedford | January 8, 2021

There is a common stereotype for a student’s junior year, and it is simple: it can be chaotic. For junior Varsha Chandramouli, “chaotic” is an understatement regarding her academic standpoint. Chandramouli is currently enrolled in six weighted classes; five are AP courses, and one of her electives is symphony orchestra, the top—and a time-demanding—orchestra. But despite the rigor, Chandramouli...

CHS students celebrate winter solstice in different ways, describe cultural significance

Raghav Sriram | December 21, 2020

While it might seem unusual to celebrate the winter solstice, the shortest day and darkest time of the year, many students at this school look forward to holidays around this time and have already begun preparing for celebration.  One such student is sophomore Aeneas Hoffman, who celebrates the Chinese winter solstice festival, Dongzhi, with his family. “(On) my mom’s side of the family,...

Students, teacher discuss impact of religion on scientific learning, vice versa

Archit Kalra | December 8, 2020

Religion and science are both important aspects of junior Labeeb Hossain’s life that go hand-in-hand. “I think (religion and science) are pretty complementary–they kind of work with each other in a lot of ways. There are certain contradictions I can see in some places, but for the most part, I think they work together,” Hossain said. “Science really complements religion, because of how...

Students find new ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday due to COVID-19

Tsion Daniel | November 26, 2020

For senior Logan Tullai, as for many students at this school, Thanksgiving is an annual family tradition. For Tullai, Thanksgiving serves as a time of reflection. “It’s a good time to reflect on the year and spend some time with family and friends; it’s a nice time to be together,” Tullai said. “When it’s starting to get a little bit colder outside, it’s a good (holiday) to celebrate...