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Sophomore Georgia Estrada browses through Pinterest to find vegetarian thanksgiving recipes. “However (my family) does make sure that there are protein-based options there, but it does also feel kind of restricted since whatever we make is normally in a limited amount, so generally when other people have Thanksgiving leftovers I generally don’t because mine is made in smaller portions said Estrada.

Due to dietary restrictions, students, become more cautious during holiday meals

Avani Gupta December 1, 2023

When thinking about a holiday meal, most people imagine there to be the traditional turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and potatoes on the dinner table. However it's not the ideal holiday dinner...

Senior Zoey Hornback, House of Representatives Cabinet Member organizes donation items to send to sick children at the Riley Children’s Hospital. Giving back to your community allows you to become a better person, said Hornback.

As the giving season approaches, young people give back in rising numbers

Aidah Brown November 28, 2023

International Volunteer day is on Dec. 5th this year, but David Jiang, co-president of the Key Club and junior, said something as complex as giving can't be defined and categorized by one thing.  "Giving...

Junior Madi Fleischer poses for photos, showing her continuous glucose monitor. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve just gotten used to it. It’s not anything different anymore, because it is just part of my day-to-day life. I don’t really think of it as anything different,” she said. (Submitted Photo: Madi Fleicher)

Students, nurse discuss struggle with diabetes

Pahal Sehgal November 20, 2023

Almost 300,000 teenagers live with Type 1 Diabetes in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Junior Madi Fleicher was barely 12 when she received the diagnosis,...

Junior Ariyanna O’Neal drawing for her Human Body System notes. “I love how Carmel is able to offer classes that can get you a headstart on your career path,” ONeal said.

Students, teacher share experiences across state education systems

Lily Hao November 17, 2023

Senior Claire Fackler, who attended school in Idaho up until this year, said she noticed major differences between the education she received in Idaho in comparison to CHS. “I have an IEP (individual...

Members of the Latin Student Alliance dance to traditional Hispanic music at one of their meetings. I love dancing to traditional music, and just being a part of my culture, and embracing it, Queijo said.

Hispanic students, Spanish teacher discuss maintaining connections to heritage, learning about culture

Emma Hu November 1, 2023

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Hispanic population in the United States was 63.6 million in 2022, making up around 19% of the U.S. population.  However, despite the size of that population,...

Students, coach weigh benefits, harms of gym addiction

Students, coach weigh benefits, harms of gym addiction

Jasmine Zhang October 31, 2023

For Matthew Paraboschi, self-proclaimed “gym rat” and senior, mornings are not for sleeping in. While his fellow students are most likely sleeping in the early hours before school starts, Paraboschi...

Sophomore Marcus Grethen types on his computer during SSRT. Things in my (school) environment paired with other subjects in my life often distract me from focusing on one thing at a time, said Gretchen.

Psychiatrist, students with ADHD discuss consequences of learning disorders at school

Mahitha Konjeti October 27, 2023

Senior Claire Fackler, said her ADHD, a neurological development disorder which causes children to struggle with paying attention and controlling compulsive behaviors, has had detrimental effects on her...

Media department chairperson Terri Ramos talks to a student about a book. Ramos said, “Books are such a powerful tool for communication and I think it’s important that the students understand that as well.”

National Book Month provides opportunity for students, media department chairperson to reflect on value of reading

Aidah Brown October 23, 2023

For junior Jacqueline Ramsey, National Book Month  is a reminder of the value of books and reading. "National Book Month is important to bring awareness to the stories around the world," Ramsey said...

Rachel Lehner, volunteer at Crooked Creek Food Pantry (CCFP) and sophomore, poses as she helps distribute food items on Oct.11. Lehner talks about how she had worked at CCFP 12 times and has done 31 hours of volunteer work in total. (submitted photo by Rachel Lehner)

In honor of Tackling Hunger Month, students, volunteers, talk about food insecurity

Avani Gupta October 18, 2023

In 2020, according to Feeding America, 11% of the population in Indiana were food insecure.  Grace Larkey, co-president of Food For All and senior, said she created the club to help advocate and create...

Junior Sara Syed walks to the guidance counselor’s office to discuss her 504 plan. Syed said, “My counselor has been very helpful in accommodating my illness and it takes some of that weight off of my shoulders.”

In light of National Critical Illness Awareness Month, students, counselor discuss struggles people with chronic illnesses face

Pahal Sehgal October 13, 2023

Alexa Chang, a member of the swim team and junior, said she never expected her love and passion for swimming to be something that created countless boundaries for her. Chang also said her illness began...

Seniors Celine Yang (left) and Jenna Khasawaneh (right) enjoy lunch together on Sept. 25, 2023. I really enjoy being able to bring my own lunch because I enjoy it more than the food at school, said Khasawaneh.

In light of Ethnic Food Month, lunch staff, students discuss consequences of ethnic food shaming

Mahitha Konjeti September 29, 2023

For Shrinidhi Yarabolu, president of Carmel Vaitalika and senior, her Indian lunches have always made her feel like a cultural other.  “When I was younger I’d have a lot of insecurity with bringing...

Farrell Bopda Fotso (right) sits with fellow members of African History and Culture Club. Bopda Fotso said, I like that this club lets me hang out with other Africans.

In honor of National African Immigrant Heritage Month in September, students, teacher reflect on connections to culture

Aidah Brown September 28, 2023

As the daughter of Liberian immigrants, junior Priscilla Smith said National African Immigrant Heritage Month reminds her of the different cultures that define who she is. "This heritage month represents...

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