CHS students talk about cooking, stereotypes, working professionally in restaurant industry

Kruti Subbannavar | November 5, 2020

Every first Thursday of November, the United States recognizes something called National Men Make Dinner Day. This year, it will take place on Nov. 5. Sophomore Arthur Yeh, who is a student in Advanced Nutrition and Wellness: Baking, cooks every other Gold Day. He said baking is something he enjoys. “Baking is one of my favorite classes. At the end of the day when you need to unwind, it’s...

Students form cultural awareness groups to combat racism, provide support

Tsion Daniel | October 24, 2020

Like most students her age, Gabi Bradley, Black Student Alliance (BSA) member and freshman, is in the process of becoming familiar with this school. However, throughout her education at Carmel Clay Schools, which is predominantly white, said she has already become familiar with racism, experiencing uncomfortable situations because she is Black. “It's disappointing but it's not surprising because...

Female students discuss impact Ruth Bader Ginsburg had on their lives

Kruti Subbannavar | October 17, 2020

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at age 87 on Sept.18 2020 due to complications of metastatic pancreatic cancer, leaving a significant legacy.  Kate Smith,  member of the Civics Club and sophomore, said she was extremely saddened by the news. Smith said she was inspired by Ginsburg’s career and wants to go in the legal or political field for a job.  “The first thing I thought...

Aspiring, current military personnel consider benefits, impacts of new Space Force

Archit Kalra | October 14, 2020

When Junior Diego Valencia said he was considering joining the Navy after college, he said one of the most important factors that influenced his decision was his desire to give back to his community. “Comradeship, travel opportunities (and) the ability to give back to my country, for the most part, is what inspired me the most into looking into joining the armed forces,” he said via email. “The...

Students reflect on experience of coming out of quarantine after having COVID-19

Kruti Subbannavar, Feature Reporter | September 24, 2020

It’s hot in the classroom. Junior Emily Long lowers her mask to take a sip of water. A classmate jokingly quips, “Don’t pull down your mask,” and Long is reminded of the fact that she is a COVID-19 survivor in a school where many people are scared of getting infected. It’s a stigma of which Long said she’s fully aware.  Long said she doesn’t share this information as much for the...

Students motivated to go into healthcare industry in wake of COVID-19

Raghav Sriram | September 23, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, senior Zoha Aziz had genuine interest in going into the healthcare industry. She was born into a healthcare environment, as both of her parents are healthcare professionals, and said she wanted to follow in their footsteps after taking  principles of biomedical science, a Project Lead the Way class, during her freshman year.  Aziz has participated in a variety of activities...