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Students share original art during Youth Art Month

Raghav Sriram | March 21, 2021

Q&A with Senior Eads Fouché  What is your inspiration for these two pieces of artwork? The piece on the left is inspired by two pictures I found. The ceramic pieces were from the Coral Bouquet by Elizabeth Shiver. The ceramic piece on the right was inspired by the works of Lynda Ladwig. Those pieces caught my attention because they were unique and I liked the movement that they created. Why...

With St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, students, teachers talk about Irish culture, stereotypes at CHS

Chenyao Liu | March 17, 2021

Despite growing up in the U.S., senior Maylee O’Brien always felt connected to her Irish heritage. “A couple years ago, my family visited Ireland and it was probably my favorite trip of all time,” she said. “It was absolutely beautiful, and the experience allowed me to feel connected to my roots.” IB psychology teacher Peter O’Hara also said he felt Irish culture is an important part...

New dog owners share experiences for National Love Your Pet Day, Feb. 20, how dogs improved personal mental health

Raghav Sriram | February 21, 2021

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, sophomore Shri Alturi and his family decided to adopt their dog Teddy. “I got a cockapoo, which is a poodle and cocker spaniel mix. We got him exactly on Leap Day—so, Feb. 29, 2020—and have only had him for a year,” Alturi said. “I think we bought (our dog) at that time because I think we had the time to take care of him, and previously we didn’t...

Students recognize, celebrate Valentines Day in different ways

Raghav Sriram and Kruti Subbannavar | February 14, 2021

Japanese students at CHS sister school talk about Valentines, White Day traditions The morning of Valentines Day in Seikyo Gakuen High School in Osaka, Japan, sister school of CHS, dawns with friends cooing over handmade chocolates made by their peers. 11th grader Misaki Taniyama shares her handmade chocolates with her friends, while trying some they made for her.  According to Taniyama, in...

Students discuss benefits of new tuition-free college proposals

Archit Kalra | February 8, 2021

For senior Lalith Roopesh, college tuitions are an important part of consideration when thinking about which colleges to apply to. “Tuition definitely was a priority for me as I plan to pursue a graduate education, meaning I have to pay past a normal bachelor’s degree. I don’t want to take too many loans, so the cost of the college is very important, making in-state (college) a very powerful...

Tea enthusiasts consider history, heritage, importance of tea in their lives

Kruti Subbannavar | January 24, 2021

It is dinner time and as junior Remi Shirayanagi eats she takes sips of brown tea on the side. Remi said that all of her family drink tea together, mostly at mealtimes.  “I drink tea like I do water,” Remi said.   Remi said tea drinking has been a prevalent part of her life as she is of both Japanese and Chinese descent. She said the box of tea in her fridge is always full, and its contents...

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