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Senior Carolyn Jia reviews scholarship opportunities during her release period on Jan. 19th, 2024. Although college application season is over, I still have to apply for scholarships and honors programs, so Im still quite busy, said Jia. 

Female students, vice principal share experiences with gender, feminism stereotypes in male-dominated activities

Pahal Sehgal and Avery Carlisle April 3, 2024

 Chloe de Leon, USA Rugby team member, former wrestler and senior, has a deep passion for and connection to the rugby and wrestling communities, playing in a more masculine-driven sport as a feminine-identifying...

Ashlyn Walker, Green Action Club (GAC) co-president and senior, presents at the Confront the Climate Crisis (CTCC) “In This Together” event on Jan. 16, 2024. Walker said there were many ways for students to get involved in environmental initiatives at this school and within the community.

Students, teachers, explore ramifications of water pollution in Indiana, finding solutions

Matthew Du March 21, 2024

World Water Day on March 22nd, marks a day that highlights the importance of maintaining freshwater systems, but according to an analysis of the Clean Water Act (CWA), Indiana has the “most total miles...

Students, art teacher show appreciation for crochet, believe it creates relaxation and joy amidst a hectic life

Students, art teacher show appreciation for crochet, believe it creates relaxation and joy amidst a hectic life

Mahitha Konjeti March 20, 2024

For senior Robyn Viall, crochet is a yarn-based art form that has acted as an outlet to relieve stress.  "Crochet is a form of fiber arts using yarn and a hook. It gets confused with knitting, except...

Junior Mason Buysee reads a recent news article for a school project. There needs to be a better way to combat false information. A habit Ive formed is cross referencing information, whether thats information from the news or from sources for schoolwork. Its a good skill to have in the long run, said Buysee.

Students battle false information on social media

Charlotte Moser March 12, 2024

For freshman Emily Wang, the struggle against false information is part of her everyday life. Wang said as she navigates social media, research, and TikTok, she consistently comes across misinformation. “I’m...

Media Specialists Hannah Barbato (left) and Teri Ramos (right) shelve books together on Mar. 1, 2024 at the CHS media center. “I really enjoy putting apart some of my time to shelve books and help students,” Ramos said.

Student, media center specialist, CCPL worker discuss the evolving role of libraries

Aida Karim March 6, 2024

When freshman Rethika Sathyamathan was working on her National History Day project (NHD), she said the changing support the library has offered her was vital to her success with research and data collecting,...

READY TO REMINISCENCE: Seniors Sandra Yang (left) and Pragathi Arunkumar (right) discuss their plans to travel together during summer break on Nov 20th, 2023. “We really wanted to go on a senior trip this upcoming summer so we can make the most of our summer because it is very likely we will go to different colleges,” said Arunkumar.

Students, counselor discuss impact of high school friendships, staying in touch after graduation

Emma Hu March 1, 2024

When senior Alexandra “Sandra” Yang moved to this school for her sophomore year, she said she struggled to fit in at first. Yang said her friendships played a big role in helping her through the transition. “I...

Senior Terri Xie draws on a phone during their TCP release period on Feb. 13th, 2023. I usually draw on my phone because its more convenient, said Xie. (Submitted Photo: Terri Xie)

Students, teacher discuss development of AI on art

Lily Hao February 29, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ever changing with new technology allowing people to process information at rapid rates. The use of AI brings about anxiety among artists, both traditional and digital,...

Juniors Mariam Morad (left) and Laila Abumahfouz (right) take pictures during SSRT on Feb. 16, 2023. “I started wearing the hijab because many Islamic scholars have agreed that wearing the hijab is mandatory,” Morad said. “However, this is not the only reason I wanted to wear the hijab because it represents who I am as a Muslim.”

Hijabi students, teacher discuss experience with and stigma surrounding hijab

Ayaan Nadeem and Salima Sher February 27, 2024

Every Muslim’s journey with the hijab is different.  For junior Mariam Morad, she started wearing her hijab right before high school.  “I started wearing the hijab because many Islamic scholars...

Junior Tenise Machaya (left) studies during SRT. “Having a designated study period really helps with my time management and I try to use it as best as I can.”

Students, teacher reflect on inclusivity of educational spaces for Black students

Aidah Brown February 26, 2024

Junior Tenise Machaya said there can be many obstacles presented by being a Black student. "Being a Black student in educational spaces can be a little hard sometimes," Machaya said. "When I'm learning...

Senior Kevin Hu looks over his FAFSA forms with his dad on Feb 15th, 2024. Hu said his dad helped him a lot while applying for the program.

College coordinator, students share concerns about current financial aid system, promote financial transparency and literacy

Mahitha Konjeti February 22, 2024

For senior Sara Standish, the financial aid system in America is unfair. “Personally, I didn’t apply for financial aid because I wouldn’t receive any money. I feel like people in the middle (class)...

Senior Nick Stitle works on his next book on at the CHS Media Center on Feb 8th, 2024. The next book of Stitles The Stormless series is set to release sometime in 2024.

In honor of Library Lovers day, students, media assistant discuss the spiking trend of self-publishing

Aidah Brown February 15, 2024

The first of three annual book publishing seasons may have begun, but media assistant Terri Spilman said those processes can differ because of the varying ways of publishing. "There are a lot of different...

Students, child psychologist explore impact of religious, political traditions on teenager’s value system

Mahitha Konjeti and Asini Jayarapu January 30, 2024

For sophomore Joseph “Joe” Kim, his relationship with his family significantly influences his belief system. Kim said his family traditions and environment have notably influenced his views of society.  “I’m...

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