With 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingales birth on May 12, ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, school nurse, students share thoughts on nursing, changes through time

Lillian He | May 12, 2020

On May 12 the world will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. In conjunction with this occasion, the World Health Organization has designated 2020 to be the Year of the Nurse and Midwife. According to womenshistory.org, Florence Nightingale was a nurse who helped treat men during the Crimean War and went on to improve the nursing field through healthier medical practices....

Q&A with Joseph Schaller, Assistant Principal of Operations, about changes to the construction around the school due to COVID-19

Lillian He | April 14, 2020

What would you say your involvement is with construction around the school?  I'm kind of the liaison between the school and the construction crews. If (the construction crews) working at the high school now have questions about when they can get the building, those sorts of things. We work together on things like that: keeping on track, making sure everything's on time. With construction, things...

In light of COVID-19 pandemic, Asian restaurants face new challenges

Sophia Hawkins | April 13, 2020

On March 16, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced that all restaurants would be required to close their dine-in services and shift to delivery and curbside pickup only. This has left many restaurant owners and their employees either with reduced income or no income at all, as many restaurants didn’t offer delivery services before the pandemic. Massive numbers of workers have been laid off; between...

As e-learning resumes on April 13, continues through rest of school year due to COVID-19, students structure time differently without necessity of normal routine

Viyang Hao | April 13, 2020

For the majority of the school year, from Monday through Friday, sophomore Eliana Jin’s everyday routine involved her waking up at 6:20 a.m., going to school and arriving home at 3:53 p.m., occasionally staying after school for a club meeting. After coming back, she’ll go straight to her computer, pulling up a video from YouTube or a subreddit post from Reddit, promising herself that she’ll start...

Coronavirus affects students’, owners’ jobs in retail, service businesses

Kiersten Riedford | April 9, 2020

Goldfish Swim School has recently temporarily let go of all of their staff members due to the latest stay-at-home order. This, unfortunately, has taken away sophomore Grace Hutton’s job as a swim teacher, along with many other adults’ jobs.  Hutton said, “I think closing temporarily was the right choice; however, I’m still a minor and dependent on my parents, so it has not impacted me as...

With recent Pew Research Center study showing that nearly one-third of American adults use dating apps, students, staff weigh pros and cons of using them

Nathan Huang | April 1, 2020

Senior Adam Hineiyi is an active user of social media. Normally, he’s surfing the web looking at funny pictures and videos to show to his friends, yet recently he’s delved into online dating. He said he currently uses apps like Tinder and Bumble to try to attract dates—people he’s never met or heard of before. Hineiyi said the reason he dates online is that it provides an easy option. “The...