Angela Li | August 14, 2018

Bob Swanay, Director of the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL), said the CCPL unveiled a vision to the public in April that encompasses three primary elements of the library including branch services of the library in other areas of Carmel, re-imagination of the current CCPL space, and a potential expansion. “The piece of that vision that we’re closest to moving on is the branch services piece....

Press Release: Carmel Clay School Board Names New Superintendent

Adhi Ramkumar | June 3, 2018

The following is a press release statement issued by Carmel Clay Schools on June 1, 2018:

A Roadblock in Construction: Following recent appeal, students,  staff reflect on controversy surrounding mosque

Tara Kandallu | May 18, 2018

"Knowing about each other and making each other aware of each other’s faith is (something the mosque will bring). It’s a place of gathering. You can come and interact with other people in the community."

West Park plans to expand on 40 acres of undeveloped land this year, create new spaces for high school students, residents of West Carmel

Angela Li | May 18, 2018

First, what is the expansion project in general and the goal of the project? “Sure. So for West Park, actually about two years ago, we did a new master plan for West Park. We’ve got 120 acres total in that park, and 80 (acres) of (the park) has basically been developed—that’s the part of the park that you see now that has the playground, the big sledding hill, the trails, the lagoon. Roughly...

Dealing with Dyslexia: Students, teachers reflect on  new bill regarding dyslexic students

Armaan Goel | May 18, 2018

dThe recently passed Indiana Senate Bill 217 looks to provide dyslexic students with additional assistance to overcome their disability. It states that schools must screen students for risk factors of dyslexia, as well as employ a reading specialist to work with dyslexic students. Alissa Bandejas, dyslexic student and junior, feels that dyslexia affects students in many ways, mainly in reading...

Exploring the Options: State to require new career exploration program, CHS students, staff discuss implementation

Tara Kandallu | May 18, 2018

Every year, the Indiana General Assembly passes educational laws that impact districts, schools and teachers. This year, during the 2018 legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly passed a bevy of laws ranging from a new computer science curriculum to reporting requirements. Among them is a new law that requires schools to implement a career coaching program that will be formed in the coming...