Kate Loper | January 14, 2022

The National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS) will host a celebration event for Chinese New Year. This cultural holiday will happen on Feb. 1 and also marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year. This event will provide traditional Chinese foods often eaten in the new year, such as jiaozi (dumplings) and baozi (steamed buns). These foods are steamed and both contain a variety of vegetables and meats filled...

January 12, 2022

Rising Stars is preparing for the Indiana State Thespian Conference on Jan. 21-23. The conference will consist of many different events, all with different methods of scoring. These events include individual performances, group performances, and technical races. Club sponsor Jim Peterson said, “We’ll be traveling up to Marion, Indiana, and we’ll be having the contest at Indiana Wesleyan University.”...

Ryan Zhang | January 12, 2022

The TEDx Carmel club will have a conference on Jan. 22 in the freshman cafeteria. At this conference, students and adults will present speeches. According to Maddie Wilson, a speaker at this conference and senior, presenters give speeches pertaining to a theme.  “So this year's theme is Through the Looking-Glass and so it's kind of up for interpretation depending on who's speaking. (My speech)...

Zainab Idrees | January 10, 2022

Robert Browning, stock market club sponsor and business teacher Why do students do in this club?  They play a simulated stock market game where they compete with each other (to see) who can make the most pretend money in the stock market. We also have speakers come in once every month to talk about buying and selling stock, investments–those kinds of things. When does this club meet? Monday...

Claire He | January 4, 2022

The Quiz Bowl club continued to meet every Monday morning in Room H213. Throughout the semester, the club leadership experimented with teams to determine the best combinations of topic expertise for each team. According to Akash Bhowmik, club president and senior, there has been substantial improvement on the A Team compared to the statistics from tournaments in the previous school year. Bhowmik said...

With optional finals this year, students, teacher, evaluate value of holding final exams, benefits to new finals week plan

Maddie Misterka | December 13, 2021

After a year of hybrid and virtual learning, affecting many school operations, administration announced there will be no formal finals week this school year with “final exams” being weighted no more than typical tests. Junior Amna Mallick, who has not experienced a  finals week since the first semester of her freshman year, said she likes the idea, but believes there might be potential drawbacks...

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