Maintenance department to de-winterize sports fields, continue preparing coolers

Lillian He | March 27, 2019

With the start of spring sports like track and lacrosse, the sports fields need to be de-winterized. Maintenance worker Fred Napier said, “We spring clean the stadiums…turning on all the water we turned off…we turn all that off in winter because the water lines will freeze and burst. Water swells when it freezes and if it happens in a pipe it will bust and cost the school more money.” Napier...

Cabinet to use helicopters in the Easter Egg Hunt on April 20

Christina Yang | March 27, 2019

According to Speaker of the House Neil-Walker Simmons, Cabinet will spend most of April organizing the Egg Hunt that will take place on April 20 starting at 1:30 p.m. on the football fields. Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff said, “We just got approval (on March 19) of something really cool that we’ve never done with it: We’re going to have an egg drop from a helicopter so that should be really cool...

Cabinet to organize auditions for Music for Miracles

Christina Yang | March 27, 2019

According to speaker of the House Neil-Walker Simmons and Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff, during the week of March 25, the Music for Miracles committee will judge the auditions in preparations for the event that will take place on April 28 at 7 p.m. Wolff said, “We’ll audition musical talents from instruments to singing, you name it, solos to large group numbers, so that’s always really fun to...

Lifelines plans texting and driving convocation for sophomores

Avery Thorpe | March 27, 2019

The annual pre-spring break week begins March 25 and lifelines club plans to spread their message of staying safe and making good decisions. "We put up posters and spread the message of making good choices," said Hannah Cunningham, co-president of Lifelines and junior. The major event that is the club's main focus for the week is the Drive Now, Text Later convocation for sophomores. “The purpose...

Deal between Carmel, PNC Bank finalized; construction of apartments expected to occur

Josie Cruzan, Lillian He, Pranav Jothirajah, Sarah Kim, Maddie Kosc, and Bowen Zhou | March 22, 2019

Recently, PNC Bank, located on the northeastcorner of Rangeline Road and Main Street, has agreed to sell its land to Carmel after two years of negotiating. The land sold for 2.5 million dollars and is expected to turn into apartments and condos. According to Henry Mestetsky, executive director of the Carmel Redevelopment Commission (CRC), this addition will improve aspects of downtown Carmel. “If...

District population expected to rise;  Carmel Clay Schools considers redistricting

Josie Cruzan, Natalie Khamis, and Adam Spensely | March 22, 2019

The population of Carmel Clay Schools  will rise by 16,000 from the 2018-2019 school year, with this school’s population reaching over 5,500 in 2021, according to the newest demographic report. These numbers directly negate previous predictions that there would be a quick population decline after 2016. With this in mind, the school board has begun to consider redistricting students based off...