Sowmya Chundi | February 15, 2019

On Feb. 11, French students participated in state-level competitions at West Lafayette High School. The competitions were open to any students enrolled in a French class who wanted to compete. Andrea Yocum, chairperson of the world language department, said, “Competitions are open to all students who are interested in competing in topics like geography, vocabulary and singing in Indiana. We go every...

Proposed bill to create paid-internship programs, impact new graduation pathways requirement

Natalie Khamis | January 24, 2019

The Indiana General Assembly convened for its first session on Jan. 3 to discuss the enactment of new Senate and House of Representatives legislature for this year. During one of these sessions, Jeff Raatz, Senator and Senate education and career development committee chairperson, said he has proposed Senate Bill 420, that creates paid internship programs with employers in the state for students....

Young Democrats Club, Young Republicans Club  work together to get hate crime bill passed in Indiana

Lillian He | January 24, 2019

Members of both the young Democrats and Young Republicans Clubs hope to change the fact that Indiana does not have hate crime legislation. According to Chris Elmore, president of Young Republicans Club and sophomore, and James Ziegler, Young Democrats Club sponsor and history teacher, the clubs are planning to colloborate with each other and local lawmakers to pass a hate crime bill in the upcoming...

Evan Kenyon, winner of Congressional App Challenge,  Code for Change officer and senior, develops SRT pass app

Lillian He | January 24, 2019

How did you get involved with coding? It started a long time ago. My dad has always been interested in it, and in elementary school I got a book (about) really basic coding because I was fascinated with the way computers worked and I knew I wanted to change the way they worked and just make programs of my own. So having that first book, it interested me a lot because it was really simple and I could...

News Briefs 1/24

Josie Cruzan, Tessa Collinson, and Aditi Kumar | January 24, 2019

School board members to receive new board roles on Jan. 14 meeting

Sam Shi | January 23, 2019

In an organizational meeting on Jan. 14, school board members were elected to their new roles on the board. School board member Mike Kerschner was elected the president, Katie Browning the vice president and Lin Zheng the secretary. Kerschner said this organizational meeting happens every year and said it is important for board members to be constantly switching roles. “I think it's good that we...