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CHS student texts their mom during a lockdown. Lieutenant Adam Miller says that CHS takes gun violence seriously, “We encourage all students to take the lockdown drills seriously and think about what they would do if it was a real incident.  The key to surviving a tragedy is preparation. 
CHS students, SRO address school safety procedures
Maggie Meyer April 28, 2023

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the increase in school shootings in America from 2009...

SROs address safety concerns, discuss solutions to variety of safety risks
Mahitha Konjeti September 21, 2023

The CHS school resource officers (SROs) are discussing the best ways to target school safety concerns such as students...

Student Q&A on Lizzo Controversy
Student Q&A on Lizzo Controversy
Ella Guo September 14, 2023

Junior Kelly Fulk How do you think the recent controversy might’ve affected others, people such as her audience...

Senior Anabelle Yang holds her finished croissants. She said she enjoys baking French breads and pastries.
Q&A with Senior Anabelle Yang, baking, exercising creativity, personality
Ava Reddick May 20, 2023

How did you get interested in baking? I think it has been since middle school, I don’t really know what started...

Place Your Bets
Place Your Bets
Kent Fujita, Roman Gralak, Ella Guo, Grace Guo, Asini Jayarapu, Mahitha Konjeti, Abigail Lee, Jane Martens, Ayaan Nadeem, Leying Yang, and Jasmine Zhang September 22, 2023

CHS students, teachers observe evolution of feminism
CHS students, teachers observe evolution of feminism
Pahal Sehgal May 22, 2023

According to PEW Research Center, 80% of adults believe in gender equality, yet only 61% of women identify as feminists....

 The women’s cross-country team runs against many other schools in the John Cleland Invite. Coach Ellington said practices are paying off as he sees improvement within the team.
Women’s cross-country team to compete at Culver Invitational on Sept. 23
Asini Jayarapu September 23, 2023

The women’s cross-country team will compete at Culver Invitational on Sept. 23. Mark Ellington, women’s cross-country...

Review: When I Fly Towards You, cute, uplifting youth drama [MUSE]
Review: "When I Fly Towards You", cute, uplifting youth drama [MUSE]
Helena Wang September 5, 2023

If I had to use three words to describe this drama, they would be soft, fluffy and heartwarming. “When I Fly...

Crossword: September 1
Roman Gralak September 1, 2023
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