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Submitted Photo: Eshan Selvan

Eshan Selvan, Unified track athlete and senior, poses with teammate and senior Mike Herod during a meet last season. Eshan said although there are no unified sports in college he would continue to participate in Special Olympics events.

Eshan Selvan, Unified track athlete and senior

How long have you been playing your sport?

I’ve done unified and special Olympic sports for two years now. I started junior year, and have done Unified track, Unified football and Special Olympics tennis in the summer at CHS.

What do you enjoy most about your sport? 

My favorite part is the commodore and unity that comes along with Unified (sports). You have so many different types of people, different ages, different personalities all coming together to work as a team and I love that aspect of unified sports, because it’s truly unified. 

Do you plan to play your sport in college?

Most colleges don’t have “unified” programs due to the absence of need for it, but I will definitely continue my involvement with Special Olympics throughout college, and likely for the rest of my life

Did training begin at all for your sport this season? If so, what type of training have you been doing?

We had started team bonding practices, and even had gotten into conditioning and time trials before the season was cut. We’ve been able to have around a month of practices.

How do you feel about the spring sports season being cut short?

I was so upset when the season was cut early. There are so many memories I’ve had from previous years that I wasn’t able to make this year, and so many fun things still yet to come. Especially with it being my senior year, and last season of unified, I definitely didn’t take the news well.

What will you miss most about your sport?

The thing I’ll probably miss most is the people. Every single person I’ve met through unified has been so awesome, unique and amazing. I made some of my best friends on that team, athletes and partners alike, and so the fact that I don’t get to see those people 3 times a week anymore, is probably the hardest part of it all.


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