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Jillian Schlieper, women’s lacrosse player and senior, poses with the State trophy after the game last season. Schlieper said she was disappointed that the spring season was cut short since she was hoping to win three straight State titles in a row.

Jillian Schleiper, women’s lacrosse player and senior

How long have you been playing your sport?

I’ve been playing lacrosse since eighth grade. 

What do you enjoy most about your sport? 

I enjoy the game, getting into the moment when nothing else in the world matters and you can just run with the ball. 

Do you plan to play your sport in college?

I have committed to Earlham College to play Division 3 lacrosse.

Did training begin at all for your sport this season? If so, what type of training have you been doing?

Although I kinda train all year, preseason training began the last week of winter break. We have been getting up every Saturday for a 6 a.m. practice. Additionally we did another two practices a week at minimum. Once the season started we had practice every day other than the weekends. 

How do you feel about the spring sports season being cut short?

I feel devastated about the spring season being cut short. I have been most excited for my senior season since freshman year. I’m also very upset that we did not get the chance to win state three times in a row this year.

What will you miss most about your sport?

I will miss playing with the Carmel team the most. I think our team definitely had something different these past few years that the previous lacrosse teams didn’t, and that’s what made the games so incredible. We had a mindset to win, but never lost focus on just having fun as well.

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