No Regrets: Students should strive to have a high school experience they will look back on fondly

As I look back on my high school experience, an overwhelming number of memories floods my brain, both good and bad. Of course, I remember all the late-night cramming sessions, near mental breakdowns, getting jostled around in crowded hallways and other typical high school problems. But more than that, I remember the good things. I remember getting my first role in a CHS show. I remember attending Homecoming games with my friends and dressing up for spirit days. I remember feeling like an absolute princess on prom night. I remember laughing with my friends until it hurt.

As I look back, I can’t help but ask myself if there was more I could’ve done. If I could’ve made a bigger difference or done more to make myself happy or gotten better grades junior year. But when I look back, I realize that everything I went through in high school, the good, the bad, and even the horribly, horribly ugly, made me the person I am now. Everything that happened to me in high school taught me more about myself and who I want to be. It’s made me a more confident and independent person.

While I can’t say that I will miss everything about high school, I do think it’s important to recognize that even our lowest of lows in these four years serve a purpose and make us stronger and more ready to go off and live our own lives. Live your life in high school to the best of your ability and don’t beat yourself up for mistakes. They happen to everyone, especially in high-pressure environments, which CHS certainly can be. Know that someday you’ll look back on it and realize that it served you well. So when you look back on high school, remember the things that were good and the lessons you learned. Don’t focus too much on the negatives and grow them into regrets. Be kind to yourself in these four years, and don’t sweat it too much. No matter what happens, you’ll learn, you’ll grow and you will move on.




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