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Senior Mia Bassett (left) takes a picture in the bakery at Market District. Bassett said that it has been so busy lately that she has had to bag groceries as well.

Senior Mia Bassett

Senior Mia Bassett

Where do you work and what do you do there?

I work at Market District, and I really enjoy my job. It’s actually a lot of fun for the most part. I work primarily in the Bakery/Candy Area. I’m responsible for helping customers get items from their cases, such as gelato, cakes, bread, and more. I also make popcorn and cotton candy. 

How has COVID-19 affected you and your job?

Since I’m a senior, COVID-19 has really left me wanting to go back to school to finish my last few months at CHS. Since so many people are buying more food and other products than usual, Market District has been super busy lately. More than I have ever seen in my two years working there. Recently, I have been helping people bag groceries instead of working in the bakery, just because of the amount of people.

How has your workplace reacted to COVID-19?

Market District has definitely taken measures to try to supply as many products as possible. I was working there (March 19) and they put giant palettes of non-perishables throughout the store. We are also washing our hands nonstop and the cashiers, as well as the baggers, are now wearing gloves.

What tips would you give to workers who don’t want to be exposed to germs?

I would definitely use wet wipes when you grab a cart or basket to disinfect your cart from any germs. 

What tips would you give to customers who don’t want to be exposed to germs?

There are also usually less people early in the morning or right before closing, so if you want to stay away from people, those are the best times to shop.

How has it been dealing with rush buying?

Many of the Market District employees have been working a lot more lately to balance the amount of customers. But I would recommend staying home if you are feeling exhausted and especially if you feel sick. Honestly, washing your hands often as well as wearing gloves and not touching your face are probably the best ways to limit exposure to germs. It has honestly been crazy. I only work twice a week but even on the days that I do work, there are more people shopping than any holiday. Some people are filling up multiple carts full of groceries.

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