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CHS students participate in the Climate Strike. Aanchal Agarwal said that striking is important but it is not everything to achieving climate justice.

Q&As on Climate Strikes


Q&A with Clizia Martini, member of Confront the Climate Crisis and junior

What is Confront the Climate Crisis’s involvement in the March 19 strike? “I'm part of the Confront the Climate Crisis (core) team, which is like we do most of the planning for stuff… (The strike) is being held by Confront the Climate Crisis so it's actually really nice because most of the people -  so confront the climate crisis was started by these kids in West Lafayette. And so it's really...

Q&A with Aanchal Agarwal, member of Confront the Climate Crisis and junior

What is Confront the Climate Crisis? “Confront the Climate Crisis is a statewide campaign working to get climate justice in Indiana. It initially started with the environmental club in West Lafayette that was a hub for action and progress that wanted to incorporate more people across the state in their action. There's been other movements that tried to create a statewide network, but this is ...

Q&A with Shannon Anderson, Assistant Director of Earth Charter Indiana

What is Earth Charter Indiana’s involvement in youth climate change advocacy? “(Earth Charter Indiana) has a belief that working with young people has been both joyful and necessary in doing climate work, and empowering and connecting young people to the right rooms, the right opportunities, the right spaces is an important part of our mission. We started hosting climate camp about six years a...

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