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Q&A with Prom Queen Kacey Mullens and Prom King Diego AranaGomez

How did you feel when you found out you and Diego AranaGomez had been nominated for Prom Court?

Kacey Mullens: Honestly, to me it felt kind of comical, because I just never really saw myself being nominated for prom court. I kind of like laughed at the lady when she told me that (Diego and I) were nominated.

Diego AranaGomez: I was just really surprised, because I honestly wasn’t expecting it. Even though there were people campaigning for me, (winning) was still kind of unexpected still.

When you found out you had won, what were your initial thoughts and reaction?

KM: I guess shock, again. I don’t know…out of all the people who were on prom court, me and Diego just seemed like the least likely people to win.

DA: I still didn’t believe it when I was being crowned, it all happened so fast.

Any advice for the underclassmen who wish to be nominated and to win the title of Prom Queen for their year?

KM: I would say just ask your friends to vote for you. In my case, everyone in my SRT just didn’t know who to nominate for court when the ballots came out, so they just wrote down Diego and me, like “Oh, it will be super funny,” and we ended up getting nominated.

DA: Just have good friends who will campaign with you and a nice girl as your date.


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