Submitted Photo: Ella Ohrvall

Ella Ohrvall, softball player and sophomore, catches balls during practice. Ohrvall said it would be harder for the softball team to work as one unit after training alone during the COVID-19 break.

Ella Ohrvall, softball player and sophomore

How has the coronavirus affected training for your sport?

Coronavirus has affected my training because I now have to work on my own and not with the whole team.

Are you having organized practices with the whole team?

We cannot have organized practices because after school activities are closed down for the whole school.

What are you doing to train around practice cancelations?

Our coach is emailing us workouts daily for us to do. We also have accountability partners to make sure we are training everyday just like when we were at practice.

Do you believe these different training conditions will affect your performance, or your team’s performance in competition? 

I think the new way we’re training will make it harder for us to get back together and play as one unit when the season starts again. But if we are all working on our own and making sure to put effort and time into the sport daily as if we were practicing at CHS, then it shouldn’t be a problem to bounce back quickly

What is the largest difference between normal training and training you are now doing because of the break?

The largest difference in my opinion is not being able to train and staying in shape, but not being able to be with your teammates. I think team practices allow you to learn to trust and rely on your teammates. Without that, it will definitely be weird to be training on our own.



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