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Fehn shows how she gets ready for Homecoming.

Loco for Hoco: Sophomore Gretchen Fehn Discusses Her Responsibilities for Homecoming Court

Homecoming week is a big deal for many students and faculty. Music plays down the halls, which are packed with people in costumes respective to the spirit day. The spirit never dies throughout the week; it stays just at strong until the football game and Homecoming dance. What makes events like Homecoming or game night so great is not the event itself; rather, it is the amount of life the students bring to them. Many people within CHS spend a great deal of time and energy getting ready for and attending these events.

Gretchen Fehn, Homecoming Court member and sophomore, shares what she does to prepare for the occasion.

Fehn said, “For game night, I have to be at the fieldhouse by 5:15 (p.m.) for pictures, so after school I’ll have to get ready for that.”

Already at school, she then plans on staying and attending the tailgate. During the Homecoming game, Homecoming court members must come up to be introduced in front of the audience at halftime but may watch the game with the crowd for the rest of the time.

With pictures, tailgate and the game on the day’s itinerary after school, her schedule from morning until night will be packed with activity. However, her commitments do not end on Friday as she also participates in Homecoming day.

Fehn said, “Homecoming is actually my friend’s birthday, so we are going to her house to get ready, and then we will go to the dance, and then we will go back for a sleepover that night.”

Getting ready will take about two hours including hair, makeup and dress. Everything needed to get ready is set and planned for Homecoming day thanks to all the time spent prior researching hairstyles and makeup looks.

However, despite her unique role in the festivities, Fehn said enjoys Homecoming for other reasons.

“I think the main reason I look forward to opportunities like Homecoming so much is because it’s fun and I love being around all my friends,” Fehn said. “I don’t have to worry about anything other than having a good time and dancing.”

She believes it’s important to create experiences in high school that can be kept forever, adding that later in college everything will be so new and hectic. So now, before that big change, is the best time to make lasting memories.



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