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Submitted Photo: Sean Grove

Sean Grove, men’s golfer and sophomore, poses for a photo. Grove said the coronavirus will not have a great impact on golfers since golf is mostly an individual sport.

Sean Grove, men’s golfer and sophomore

How has the coronavirus affected training for your sport?

We can’t train as a team which isn’t a huge deal for golf, but we like to be together and build team chemistry.

Are you having organized practices with the whole team?

No we aren’t having organized practices.

What are you doing to train around practice cancelations?

I am going to an indoor facility in Zionsville called Correct 2 Compete. I can hit balls, putt, and also lift weights.

Do you believe these different training conditions will affect your performance, or your team’s performance in competition?

It probably won’t affect performance too much as golf is a very individual sport.

Will having to train individually largely impact your season?

Not really, I already did it a bunch, so unless my facility closes, I won’t have problems. I have a bunch of tools at home to train with, but it isn’t as good as hitting real golf balls.

What is the largest difference between normal training and training you are now doing because of the break?

Unless my facility closes, not much, but if it does then I have to do stuff with foam balls, nets and whatever because I can’t hit real balls at home.

How has the coronavirus break affected tryouts for the team?

The tryouts have at least been pushed back for this season.


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