Q&A with Clizia Martini, member of Confront the Climate Crisis and junior

What is Confront the Climate Crisis’s involvement in the March 19 strike?

“I’m part of the Confront the Climate Crisis (core) team, which is like we do most of the planning for stuff… (The strike) is being held by Confront the Climate Crisis so it’s actually really nice because most of the people –  so confront the climate crisis was started by these kids in West Lafayette. And so it’s really nice because I wasn’t able I haven’t able to meet any of these kids, and like, or any of these other students in person yet. And so this will be my first time that I’m getting to meet them. And so it’s actually really cool because they’re the ones, they’re going to be coming to downtown.”


What will be happening at the strike?

“For the most part, they had planned speakers, a bunch of kids or a bunch of core team members speaking at the strike on Friday but I brought up like maybe doing some other events. So I think we want to have something maybe like an art thing going on or like just doing something like creating some visual from this. I know at the strike in September, I have these two really artistic friends who are great at painting, and they came up with this banner that we got to bring around with us when we were doing our walk around the state house. And so I think we’re going to do something like that, this time as well.”


What are some of Confront the Climate Crisis’s goals?

“We try to work on the student aspect and (try) to see what can we do for our city, how can we maybe like past climate emergencies, we’re trying to work on more city cities in Indiana establishing climate committees and trying to help guide those cities to actually being able to do that. And then also just trying to work with, like, legislators and trying to build our way up, I guess like the totem pole, like you have your mayor, then you have like your state, then you have your like state legislator senator, like at Ford, and then you like you work your way up. And so, yeah I guess like our top is kind of Governor Holcomb, which is what we’re trying to receive as many signatures as possible.”


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