Intramural to have a transfer of leadership and prepare for next year


Rohil Senapati, intramural player and sophomore, prepares to shoot a ball during an intramural game. "I was really happy that we had this season," Senapati said.

With the intramural events done for the year, club leaders are preparing for the next year.

“We have no further plans for this year,” Meyer said.

According to Mike Meyer, intramural director and teacher, there will be a new intramural director next year.

“I’m think I’m going to (be) turning it over to (math teacher) Mr. (Kyle) Cluver. I think he’s the one who would like to take it over, and I hope we can get it to be something other than basketball, basketball and more basketball,” Meyer said.

According to Meyer, they will also be searching for student volunteers to help out throughout the intramural season.

Rohil Senapati, intramural member and sophomore, said he thinks this was a a great intramural season and knows that next season will be just as good.

“I’m really thankful intramurals exists. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to play that much competitive basketball,” Senapati said.