Student athletes come back better than ever after suffering from major medical problems

“I’m definitely mentally stronger, but I think everyone gets mentally stronger. I mean you have to be mentally strong when you go through chemotherapy, but also I look at life in a whole different perspective now, especially because I wasn’t given that great of a chance to live, and you just get a sense of what’s really important, like family and what’s maybe not that important.” - Matt Cooper

Alina Husain, Reporter

March 17, 2017

For most CHS students, Feb. 16, 2016 was just another normal day, but for Matt Cooper, student athlete and senior, it was a day that would change the rest of his life. On that day, Cooper was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. The diagnosis presented Cooper with a low chance of survival, and it...

Fellowship of Christian Athletes plans to donate proceeds from annual event to junior Matt Cooper

Fellowship of Christian Athletes plans to donate proceeds from annual event to junior Matt Cooper


March 18, 2016

Tomorrow, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) plans to host its annual Minute March Madness event, and this year all proceeds will go towards helping Matt Cooper, a junior recently diagnosed with leukemia. According to Rachel Dixon, FCA council member and senior, the club, as a Christian organizat...

Senate honors cafeteria staff, prepares for blood drive

Senior senators Neil Shah and Molly Frank discuss NCAA March Madness over lunch on March 15. Shah said senate members are organizing a March Madness bracket competition that any SRT can participate in. PHOTO // EMMA LOVE


March 15, 2016

According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, the week of March 14 is Cafeteria Staff Appreciation Week. Foutz said that Cafeteria Staff Appreciation Week is celebrated throughout the Carmel Clay school district, and senators at CHS honor the cafeteria staff in multiple ways. “We put up signs, we’ve...




December 14, 2015

There exists a cult within CHS that is the product of a basketball-mad state and a school that harbors not only a large population, but also one that exhibits incredible creativity and passion. Simply put, intramural basketball at CHS is a living, breathing animal. “I think it’s taken on a life of its own...