Art classes to use Pinterest for art project ideas

Art classes to use Pinterest for art project ideas


December 3, 2014

According to Art department head Jen Bubp, art teachers are using Pinterest for new art project ideas. “Projects are changing because as teachers are being inspired, they’re trying new things in the classroom. Something that’s made a huge impact in art around the whole world is Pinterest. Pinterest...

Popularity of new social media site soars in recent months


May 18, 2012

Like many students, sophomore Karen Swedo first heard about Pinterest through word-of-mouth. When her friend introduced her to the online pinboard site, Swedo said she didn’t like it at first, but said she is now addicted to Pinterest. Swedo created an account a few months ago and has pinned over 4,0...

Video Game Blog: Now In Pinterest Form

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January 25, 2012

I have converted my video game blog to the social networking site Pinterest. It is more visual than the current blog, and it is more interactive.   To see the NEW LOOK of my blog, Visit this link.