Bring It On!: Spring musical targets high school audience, makes adaptations from original version

Kyle Barker, associate director of choirs, plays the piano during a rehearsal. Barker said he hopes that this musical will target a different audience.

Grace Xu

March 22, 2019

For this year’s spring musical, CHS will take the contemporary route by putting on the show “Bring It On.” The show centers around Campbell, who is the cheerleading captain of an affluent school before she moves to a less well-off school and has to adapt. While  CHS has showcased musicals in the past targe...

Females of Peter and the StarCatcher: The February production features several females playing male roles, challenging the idea of a male-dominated theater

Junior Sophia Hughes and senior Jason Murray vocally rehearse in an act and scene of “Peter and the Starcatcher.” Hughes will play the male role of Bill Slank.

Kassandra Darnell

January 25, 2018

Gender bending within theater has been a common practice since the ancient times and is mostly associated with roles written by William Shakespeare. Back then, having a typically female role played by a male actor only occurred because it was not seen as acceptable for women to act in any kind of pl...

CHS theater to target children’s story towards larger, older audience

CHS theater to target children’s story towards larger, older audience

Sam Shi, Reporter

January 27, 2017

This year’s winter production, “Charlotte’s Web,” will run from Feb. 9 to 11. This play has not been produced by CHS since 1994. Jim Peterson, director of theater and film, said he chose this child-friendly production because it added variety to CHS’s plays. “Even though our students ...