Choirs prepare for Sept. 24 show


Each choir concert gives students the opportunity to showcase how much they have worked in classes and extra rehearsals to prepare. According to choir director Lamonte Kuskye, the first concert of the year gives the audience the chance to make its first impressions of the 11 choirs at this school. For the Sept. 24 concert, the choir directors

Practice Makes Perfect: Choir members rehearse their repitoire and learn choreographed dances to prepare for the fall concert(for all choirs.) The Accents choir rehearses one of its songs for the fall concert.

have planned a program with a wide range of music styles.

“There’s really just going to be a complete variety of music. There are groups singing Lady Gaga and popular hits, while others sing more classical songs,” Kuskye said. “It’s really going to be a fun show.”

Sara Levine, member of Accents and senior, said her favorite song to perform is an Adele mash-up of “Rumor Has It” and “Someone Like You.”

Levine said, “This first concert is going to be really high energy and fun. (The Accents) have been practicing since the summer, so we’re ready to perform.”

Kuskye said the choir members have to focus to be ready for their show. However, he said everyone is working hard for a successful performance.

Kuskye said, “It’s always fun to see where the choirs are in the beginning of the year and how much they improve by the end. The variety of music makes the show even more enjoyable.”