Senior Patrick Appleton pursues rap career


Senior Patrick Appleton in the recording studio. LEVI TURNER / SUBMITTED PHOTO


How many albums have you released?

I only have one mixtape, but I’m coming out with a new one in November.

Where do you get your instrumentals?

There’s this website called SoundClick, and I like get them off there. I buy a lease, and then I can put them on my mixtape, and it allows me to sell like up to 2000 copies. I can advertise it; I can put it on the radio and stuff.

When did you started rapping?

I kind of started as a kid, just doing every now and then. Then freshmen year, we had this project from English class where we had to write a rap; I don’t know, I was like good at (rapping), so I started rapping in my free time. And then sophomore year, I started posting songs on Facebook and stuff, and now I just do it much more often.

How often do you rap?

Every day for hours (each) day. I go home, get my homework done in an hour and just write until like 1 a.m.

Senior Patrick Appleton in the recording studio. LEVI TURNER / SUBMITTED PHOT

Do you know how to beatbox?

I actually beatboxed a beat over the summer… for 2 minutes 30 seconds straight. I thought about rapping to it but never got to it.

Have you thought about pursuing rap as a career in the future?

For sure. Like right now, I still maintain my grades at school, making like a three-eight, trying to go to a solid college… Music’s not guaranteed, but school is. I’m just trying to keep music an option just in case.

If you could collaborate with one  person, who would it be and why?

Probably J. Cole; he’s my ideal (choice)… All these rappers today talk about the same stuff like cars and women and stuff, but he talks about relatable stuff like being a kid, what he went through; he talks about stuff other than having a $100 million dollars, you know? So, it’s just interesting to hear something different.

How do practice rapping?

Doing it every day. I used to suck, like when I came up with my song sophomore year, people were hating on it; I was embarrassed. They were like ‘man that’s whack’ and I’m just like ‘yeah, I know.’ But like, I started writing a bunch. I actually got injured last track season, and I just started rapping a ton, and I ended up making my mix tape.

Do you have any advice for aspiring rappers?

Just try to be yourself. You want to be different, because if you try to be other people, you’re not going to be as good as the person you’re trying to be like.

Have you been to a recording studio?

Yeah, me and my friend Levi (Turner): he’s like the other half of our music so he pays for everything and like plans everything. He pays for me to go to the studio in Zionsville, and we go like three days a week.

Do you like any other genres other than hip hop or rap?

I listen to a little bit of everything. Like, it’s cool listening to how other people use music, ‘cause sometimes I try to incorporate that in my rap and like on the chorus or something. I kind of like rock a little bit.

What song are you most proud of?

Probably on Otis that Kanye and Jay-Z rapped on. That’s like the rap that I spent the most time on; it took four days for me to write it, and everyone feels like it’s my best song.

 Do you have a website?

I have a website coming out soon; it’s going to come out in like a week or two. It’s going to be

What’s going to be on there?

It’s going to be everything that update people: my songs, my new videos, interviews that I go too and like all the upcoming news.

Are there going to be downloadable links up there?