CHS’S NEXT TOP MODEL: Junior Brooke Smith takes the runway




Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.42.16 AMHow did you get started with modeling?

In eighth grade, I went to Chicago, and I met a photographer to just get started. I really enjoyed being behind the camera and had a great first experience. Both my mother and father were models and really encouraged me. Then, once I got to freshman year, I decided that I wanted to do modeling as a job. So, I went to see (an agency) in Chicago called BMG, which (is a) smaller agency. After about a year with them, I chose to move to FACTOR. I have always been a part of the Helen Wells Agency, which is here in Carmel. Then, not too long ago, I got signed with Wilhelmina Models in New York City.

What do you do as a model?

If you’re a beginner model, you don’t have experience, so an agency won’t book you right away for anything big like Macy’s. When starting out, you start with these shoots called test shoots that are usually free. These test shoots help you build your portfolio of photos to show off your abilities as a model. Then you are able to go search for a shoot and show off your portfolio, so a place like Macy’s can see that you’re good in front of the camera.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?

I like meeting cool people, and I have met a lot of cool people through modeling. I definitely think the people you meet is what makes it enjoyable for me, because they’re just so creative and it feels awesome to be a part of that creativity.

How does it feel to be a model?

During a runway show it’s so awesome, because everyone’s eyes are on you. It’s your moment to shine in front of a crowd of people. I did a fashion show not too long ago, and I wore an outfit that was made completely out of cork. It’s great to be able to wear something that is so creative and be a part of it. It’s just an awesome experience to meet people and it’s a great feeling to have all these people, paying attention to you. I love being able to wear all these things that everyone enjoys.

Is being a model and a high school student at the same time a bit challenging?

It can be. I’ve already have been told I’ve missed a fair amount of school because of modeling. I am getting better at balancing my modeling and school work. Lately I’ve been given support from the school for what I do, which is really cool. Modeling definitely can be challenging because of the timing of shoots, which do not always match up with school (time). It’s definitely worth it, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.