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Media Center Event: Vietnam Veterans Round Table

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The Media Center will be closed this Friday, May 5, as it will host the 7th annual Vietnam Veterans Round Table. Around 30 veterans will participate in the event, and students in U.S. History classes will have the opportunity to attend.

Students can participate in small group discussions with the veterans stationed around the library. Some events include speaking with a war doctor about his experience and learning about the devastating effects of agent orange.

Additionally, filmmaker Ron Osgood will preview his Vietnam War documentary that will air on PBS this Fall.

“This is a great learning opportunity for our students and may be one of the few times in their life that they are able to talk to so many veterans from the war at one place, at one time,” James Ziegler, US History/Instructional Coach, said via email. “I’d love for as many of our kids as possible to be able to partake in this event.”




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