CCS Donates Land to City



School board president Layla Spanenberg and Superintendent Nicholas Wahl discuss the proposed referendum. Wahl said he hopes the referendum passes to preserve funding at CHS.

Carmel Clay Schools has agreed to donate land in front of Carmel Middle School to the City of Carmel, according to Associate Superintendent Roger McMichael.”

The City of Carmel requested Carmel Clay Schools Board of Trustees for additional rights-of-way improvements to Guilford Road. These improvements will take place in front of Carmel Middle School,” McMichael said.

According to School Board President Layla Spanenberg, the land that is to be donated is a small portion in front of Carmel Middle School and is not significant.

“Since it was for the betterment of the road and for the City as a whole, we thought it would be beneficial to donate the land.,” Spanenberg said.

According to McMichael, a memorandum, outlining the proposed donation and a recommendation for action by the school corporation, had to be declared before making this decision.