Chick-fil-Nay?: Students say Christian company should be more transparent with its business practices, values

Sophomore Anna Thompson eats at a local Chick-fil-A. Thompson said that while the boycotting the company sends a message, she feels that it is not on a large enough scale to be effective.

Angela Qian

May 23, 2019

A few months ago, freshman Daniel Tanner started to boycott Chick-fil-A. “There had been a lot of news about how they treated their employees, little rumors and stuff, and then them being a big Christian company, obviously the connotation to some people of that is negative,” Tanner said. “Some ...

CCS Donates Land to City

School board president Layla Spanenberg and Superintendent Nicholas Wahl discuss the proposed referendum. Wahl said he hopes the referendum passes to preserve funding at CHS.

Hari Patel

January 27, 2018

Carmel Clay Schools has agreed to donate land in front of Carmel Middle School to the City of Carmel, according to Associate Superintendent Roger McMichael." The City of Carmel requested Carmel Clay Schools Board of Trustees for additional rights-of-way improvements to Guilford Road. These improvements w...

Cancer Crackdown: People should consider donating to cancer research, awareness foundations regardless of personal affiliation

Cancer Crackdown: People should consider donating to cancer research, awareness foundations regardless of personal affiliation

Claire Abdellah, Reporter

January 25, 2018

On Sunday, Feb. 4, World Cancer Day will take place. It is a day which has a special place in my heart. Cancer has touched my family and I, as it has all of us. My grandfather died of lung cancer when I was eight years old. My best friend’s father, a second father to me at times, passed away due to...

Help For Harvey: How can CHS contribute to relief for communities affected by Hurricane Harvey?

Satellite image of tropical storm 'Harvey.' 

Courtesy of NASA

Allison Li, Web Content Editor

September 3, 2017

On Aug. 27, Tropical Storm Harvey devastated parts of Texas with over 50 inches of rain in some areas. Harvey has been recorded as a Category 4 hurricane; the most powerful hurricane to hit the United States in a decade. According to The Guardian, 23 people have died and many others injured. It has...

CEF scholarship application deadline March 14, showcase on Feb. 27


February 20, 2014

The deadline for the Carmel Education Foundation (CEF) scholarship form is March 14. When students complete their scholarship forms, they are eligible for any scholarship that fits their criteria. However, even if they may be eligible for several, they may only receive one scholarship. Senior Sas...

Let’s throw money at it. Some charities are less beneficial than others, leaving problems unsolved.


November 17, 2011

Look around and you’ll find that there are opportunities everywhere to donate to good causes. October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and, lo and behold, this month is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month (December is National Safe Toys and Gifts Month). With the variety of charities available wit...

Buy One, Give One Free


December 14, 2009

TOMS “One for One” movement donates one pair of shoes for every pair purchased By Darlene Pham <[email protected]> When junior Oyke Duroglu bought her shoes, she also gave a pair to a child in need. By just paying for that one pair, a child in need received a pair of shoes. The pair of shoes Duroglu bought was TOMS, a brand that donat...

In lieu of money, some students choose to share their hair


October 29, 2009

Even in recession, Locks of Love kept alive by plentiful donations By Katie Norman <[email protected]> Donations for the charity Locks of Love have not fallen due to the economic recession even though many other charity donations have. Junior Jessica Novitski has donated twice to the charity Locks of Love and said the reason the ...

One in eight Americans is hungry


December 12, 2008

By Amy Flis <[email protected]> “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at your nose.” That’s how the song goes. However, according to recent statistics there is a rising number of people who do not see enough chestnuts, or any other food for that matter, to meet their ...