Speak-ups: $8.2 Million For CHS Improvements

Carmel Clay Schools recently approved a bond of $8.2 million for Carmel High School improvements. What would you like to see this money go towards?

Nicholas “Nick” Dentino, Junior

“I think we should use the money to go away from hardback textbooks and invest in an online platform for textbooks completely, I don’t know what the cost of that for the school is, but as time is going by, a lot of schools are going full electronic, and it would be sweet if we could use some of the money to make changes like that for the school.”

Charles Hargis, Junior

“As a soccer player, it would be cool if they could use the money for some of the athletic facilities around the school, I know the reason for the bond is probably for technology and other facilities, but it would be pretty nice to see some new upgrades for us athletes in Carmel.”

Cole Harris, Junior

“I think the bond should be used to improve some of the technology we have around the school, in some parts of the school the computers are kind of outdated so it would be nice if we had Macs and stuff rather than some of the technology we are using right now.”

Brian Boynton, Sophomore

“I mean this is probably a long shot, but it would be cool if we could use the money to improve school lunches at Carmel and maybe even bring caterers in and stuff. Not only will the school be able to afford it, they will make money off of it and Carmel is a hotspot for that kind of stuff. But really, I think it should be used to improve school lunches to become more healthy and appealing.”

Jack Neidlinger Junior

“I don’t really know what would be the best option with all this money, I mean new technology would be cool and all, but I think the computers we use now are fine. But upgrades would just benefit the staff and us students more so I would probably like to see that more than anything.”