Students, Athletic Director Jim Inskeep offer their view on the new Step Up to Sexual Assault Program

Students, Athletic Director Jim Inskeep offer their view on the new “Step Up to Sexual Assault Program”

Emily Sandy and Lillian He September 20, 2019

Q & A with Athletic Director Jim Inskeep Why was this program implemented at Carmel High School? In the summer of 2018, some of the district administrators, myself and (Principal Thomas) Harmas,...

Speak-ups: Summer 2019

Speak-ups: Summer 2019

Jessica Konrad and Kelly Truax May 17, 2019

Senior Zach Beeler “(This summer) I’m looking forward to my sister’s wedding because that’s just really exciting that she is getting married. (The wedding) will be in (Washington D.C.).”   Senior...

If I stick to what I want to do with my future, I’ll be fine, because after high school I want to go into pharmacy at Purdue, and if I go through the entire program, which at least in terms of my degree, will guarantee me a job. It shows I’ve put in the work, and I’ve proven that I can do the job. If I stick with that I’m fine, but if I don’t then I don’t really know what will happen.

I have concerns; as time increases, it gets harder to get a job. 50 years ago, you could get a job with just a high school degree, but now it’s hard to get a job even with a bachelor’s. So as time goes on, it gets harder.

Higher Education: Students, Teacher Reflect on Impact of College on Employment

Alanna Wu February 21, 2018

In current times, it seems like the emphasis on higher education is greater than ever — the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce predicted that at least 65 percent of jobs by 2020 will require...

Speak-ups: $8.2 Million For CHS Improvements

Speak-ups: $8.2 Million For CHS Improvements

Satvik Kandru February 10, 2018
Carmel Clay Schools recently approved a bond of $8.2 million for Carmel High School improvements. What would you like to see this money go towards?
Senior Gowthaman Manikandan

Speak-ups: National Entrepreneurs’ Day

Julianna Kessilyas November 20, 2017
“I feel like right now entrepreneurships, they are not doing that well. I know the current start ups are only 4 percent of them succeed to the second year and that's not good, so maybe by promoting this day more entrepreneurs could get their business to be successful for a longer time.”
Speak-ups: Subzero Ice Cream

Speak-ups: Subzero Ice Cream

Anna Klauz November 14, 2017
“Sub Zero was really good but people make it out to be more than it actually is. It is cool how they make it but that’s basically all it is. It’s also pretty overpriced but the ice cream was good”
Homecoming Horror Stories : Students Discuss Embarrassing Homecoming Experiences

Homecoming Horror Stories : Students Discuss Embarrassing Homecoming Experiences

Kris Otten, Reporter September 11, 2017
"She wiped out in front of the whole school and it was very embarrassing to watch her."
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