Speak-ups: National Entrepreneurs’ Day

Why do you think National Entrepreneurs’ Day should be recognized?

Senior Gowthaman Manikandan

“I feel like right now entrepreneurships, they are not doing that well. I know the current start ups are only 4 percent of them succeed to the second year and that’s not good, so maybe by promoting this day more entrepreneurs could get their business to be successful for a longer time.”


Junior Joshua Hedges

“It promotes the business field. I guess it’s just promotion. It gets people aware of the businesses and how (it is) a career field”

Freshman Audra Marchese

“I think this would also inspire younger students and kids (by) showing them that there is a way to make it (in the business industry) and showing them that there are a lot of people that do it. And if it is a national holiday, (it could be) something great to get involved in.”