Dance Break


Junior Lawrence Yeh can Pop and Lock

By Michelle Yun
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How did you get involved with break-dancing?
One of my good friends, Ian Deibert, motivated me to dance and that’s how I started.

Do you dance with anyone in particular when you practice?
Now, I dance on Tuesdays after school or when we have Break-Dance Club. Before Ian left for college this year, we would practice whenever we had the chance. He came over to my house in the summer a lot so we could dance in my basement. I usually practice at home in my basement when I want to work on new things and in the Freshman Performing Arts Center at school.

Who first inspired you to Dance?
I don’t know if it’s really “who” inspired me but actually dancing itself. It helps me relieve the stress I get from school and I’ll spend hours just dancing because it’s fun.

Where do you perform?
Recently me and a few friends entered the talent show and we were awesome and received #1 People’s Popular vote.

Are you planning To Perform in the future?
Yes, someone has asked me and my dancing buddies to perform for a charity/ fund raiser. But I don’t have the major details so I can’t say much about it.

Do you plan to continue break dancing in college?

In college, I hope to meet more dancers with diverse/unique types of styles so I can learn new things from them. I plan on dancing until I grow old and my bones ache!

How do you learn new moves for your dancing?

First, I watch someone (on YouTube or in person) do something really cool that I would like to learn, and then if I see a mirror, I try to imitate the move I saw before. When I dance I usually try to “freestyle” and make up stuff along the way. That way, I won’t have to do the same old things repeatedly and have more variety