Q&A with student body president (SBP) Ellis Nou, speaker of the House (SOH) Julia Muller

Jasmine Zhang

Student Body President Ellis Nou

How do you feel about being elected as the SBP for next year?

I’m very excited about being elected as student body president for next year. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to lead (the) Senate. 

What motivated you to run for SBP?

Since my freshman year I always considered running for SBP. I felt like it was a very unique opportunity and believed that I was able to contribute to the Senate. Following COVID, I was motivated to run for SBP because I felt strongly about helping bring events back.

What are some different ways you campaigned this year?

Social media played a large part in my campaign this year. I focused on reaching out to people in different groups and recruited them in my campaign. Because of COVID, it was a bit difficult to campaign to the entire school because the school was split into different cohorts. 

What do you look forward to next year as SBP?

Next year as SBP, I look forward to finally being able to complete a whole year of senate events. I want to focus on student participation because participation has decreased over the years.

Speaker of the House Julia Muller

How do you feel about being elected as the SOH for next year?

I feel so excited and I am so happy to be taking more of a leadership role in the Cabinet and Carmel Dance Marathon. Riley Children’s Hospital is a cause that means a lot to me, so I cannot express how happy I am to be able to support it in such an active way. 

What motivated you to run for SOH?

Being a two-year year member of Cabinet and seeing its strong leadership has really motivated me. Also, the current Cabinet members always inspire me and make me push myself to do more for our organization.

What do you look forward to next year as SOH?

I look forward to helping the Carmel student body return back to its high level of activity through the efforts of the House of Representatives and all of the events we can hopefully run next year. 

What do you want to accomplish next year?

I would love to get our school more involved in the awesome clubs we have, because I feel like some students have become less involved due to COVID which is totally understandable. To see more people involved in student government or any student activities next year would be my biggest goal.

What is something unique about your election experience and process?

No one else chose to run, so campaigning was not an issue. I did not run into any (obstacles) just because I did not have anyone to run against.

Is there anything else you want readers to know about?

Just that I am so excited to be the Speaker of the House, and I can’t wait for all that next year holds.