Q&A with senior Senator Dylan Boyer on Holiday Charity Drivers and Winter Dance


Raghav Sriram

Senior Senator Dylan Boyer delegates tasks during a busy Senate SRT meeting. Boyer said, “We’re given 90 minutes every other day so I might as well positively impact those around us.”

Cady Armstrong

What is Senate working on right now?

We are working on Care to Share which is our holiday annual charity drive and the Winter Dance coming up at the beginning of second semester (January 21). We’re just starting planning for that shortly as well.

What is Care to Share?

Care-to-Share is Senate’s holiday charity drive that we do every single year. We basically go from room to room and encourage as many SSRTs to sign up as possible. It is completely voluntary. Once the SSRT decides to participate, they commit to some sort of a fundraising goal. There’s $25, $50, $75, $100, and all the way up to $200. $200 is enough to sponsor a single person in a family so with all this, we pool this money together and get these families gifts they couldn’t afford otherwise. It is meant to target families in Carmel, a lot of whom have kids that go to our school and who really need it.

What is the Winter Dance?

The Winter Dance is kind of like the Senate’s spin on Homecoming. We didn’t have it last year because of COVID, but two years ago we had all sorts of various activities there, such as music, dancing, card games and cornhole. It is a bit more informal than homecoming. Two years ago, we had a Sadie Hawkins style dance, where the girls ask the guys. It is a lot of fun. 

How is the Senate balancing Care-To-Share with planning for the Winter Dance?

It’s stressful and difficult sometimes. We experienced something similar with the Blood Drive and Homecoming, probably two of our largest events, pretty much concurrently. We have committees to help divide it up. If we have an appreciation week or a blood drive or any main event, we have a committee with a chair, sometimes two chairs that all work together. So that helps with delegating tasks.