The Key to Recovery: Student athletes, local wellness center stress importance of cryotherapy, post-recovery treatment

Caleb Shaffer

April 19, 2019

Sports cryotherapy and recovery are used by various athletes across the nation, and are used frequently by athletes at CHS. A few of the athletes at CHS receive their post-recovery treatment at The Recovery Room, a wellness center with locations in Westfield and Carmel, that specializes in treating sor...

Intramurals next meeting set for Mid-January

Uma Kandallu

December 12, 2018

Intramurals is scheduled to have its next meeting after Winter Break, sometime around the middle of January. The specific date has not yet been announced. Kyle Cluver, Intramurals Head Sponsor, said that at the past meeting the members discussed and organized groups for three-on-three basketball. H...