Intramurals next meeting set for Mid-January

Uma Kandallu

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Intramurals is scheduled to have its next meeting after Winter Break, sometime around the middle of January. The specific date has not yet been announced.

Kyle Cluver, Intramurals Head Sponsor, said that at the past meeting the members discussed and organized groups for three-on-three basketball.

He said “We talked about it was just kind of getting the three-on-three started, so having someone from each of the teams show up just to explain what the rules were, dates, times, and locations and just how the whole three-on-three would work.” Cluver also stated that the next meeting will be for the five-on-five basketball tournament.

Senior Ben Baines explains how he got involved in intramurals. He said, “I chose to join intramurals because growing up I’ve always been a huge fan of playing basketball and I always loved playing basketball. It gave me something that I could do with my friends outside of school and outside of other sports that we all enjoyed to do.”