Intramural basketball teams prepare for the upcoming championship game. The season drew to a close after the end of the championship game. The championship team took place on March 22 during SRT in the varsity gymnasium.

Intramurals basketball season over, club reflects on year

Uma Kandallu April 16, 2019

After its recent championship game, the intramurals basketball season drew to an end. Intramurals had its championship game during SRT on March 22. The club raised over $1000 for Riley Children’s Hospital. Intramurals...

Intramurals teams play during their ninth night of games on March 11. The teams prepared for another night of games on March 12.

Intramurals playoffs scheduled for March 22

Uma Kandallu March 22, 2019

With the season coming to an end, Intramurals will have its playoffs during SRT on March 22. It is open to all students and staff. Tickets cost $1 and all proceeds go to Riley Children’s Hospital. Intramurals’...

Night five of Intramurals basketball to take place on Feb. 20

Uma Kandallu February 27, 2019

Intramurals plans to have its fifth night of basketball on Feb. 20. According to Intramurals head sponsor Kyle Cluver, the fourth night of intramurals has finished and the teams now look forward to the...

Intramurals to halt season

Uma Kandallu January 14, 2019

Intramurals is currently putting the basketball season on hold as a result of the recent boiler explosion that occurred over winter break. However, if the repairs on the fieldhouse are completed quickly...

Intramurals next meeting set for Mid-January

Uma Kandallu December 12, 2018

Intramurals is scheduled to have its next meeting after Winter Break, sometime around the middle of January. The specific date has not yet been announced. Kyle Cluver, Intramurals Head Sponsor, said that...

Intramurals next meeting scheduled for Dec. 17

Uma Kandallu December 9, 2018

Intramurals is scheduled to have its next meeting on Dec. 17 for all five-on-five basketball teams. Intramurals head sponsor Kyle Cluver said “They will play a game every week, if not twice a week,...

Intramurals first meeting scheduled for the week after fall break

October 14, 2018

Intramurals is scheduled to have its first meeting the week after fall break. The specific date has not yet been announced. At the last meeting, new ideas and sports were planned and decided for the...

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