Intramurals to halt season

Uma Kandallu

Intramurals is currently putting the basketball season on hold as a result of the recent boiler explosion that occurred over winter break. However, if the repairs on the fieldhouse are completed quickly enough or if an arrangement can be worked out between several other varsity, freshman, and sophomore sports, the season may be able to run on a shortened schedule.

Intramurals head sponsor Kyle Cluver said, “Maybe this whole boiler incident can push us to do something else. I wanna grow intramurals instead of just basketball, it’s known as just intramurals basketball and not just intramurals. So my hope is that potentially we’ll have a basketball season, but we can get these kids involved in something else that brings them all together. (intramurals students) like to be with their friends and do something less stressful.”

Caleb Shaffer, Intramurals member and senior, agrees with Cluver in saying that students enjoy being in a more relaxed environment and with their friends.

He said, “I was trying to look for a low-stress activity that I enjoyed but wasn’t too strenuous on me while I got ready for track. This happened to be a great activity. It’s not a heavy commitment; just once or twice a week playing basketball with your friends. Overall (you) just keep building good relationships with people.”