Harmas hires new teachers for next year, reflects on second year as principal

Principal Tom Harmas works on his computer. Harmas said he is currently working on hiring and planning for next year.

Carson TerBush

May 19, 2019

The year is wrapping up with teacher appreciation week this week, graduation and grad fest on May 30, and general preparations for next year, according to Principal Tom Harmas. Harmas said most of his energy is being focused on hiring teachers and making other arrangements for next year as this year is almost done. “We are in the midst of hiring, so we’re doing all kinds of intervie...

March Madness games in cafeterias, AdvancedED evaluations coming up, Harmas says

Principal Tom Harmas chats with a student in the Commons on March 19. Harmas said March Madness activities will occur throughout the school in the weeks leading up to spring break.

Carson TerBush

April 3, 2019

March Madness games played in all three cafeterias during times when they are on in the days leading up to spring break, according to Principal Tom Harmas. He also said AdvancedED, a company that evaluates schools, will visit CHS as well as other schools in the Carmel Clay School district in the near future to provide feedback for teachers and administrators. Looking ahead to next year, Harmas said a goal date of the first week of August has been set for when all repairs in the Freshman ...

March Madness activities planned as part of Culture of Care, Harmas says

Principal Tom Harmas works on his computer. Harmas said he is currently working on new Culture of Care programs, including school-wide bonding activities and mental health awareness training for teachers.

Carson TerBush

February 26, 2019

March Madness activities are the next school-wide activity planned as part of Culture of Care, according to Principal Tom Harmas. In addition, suicide prevention and mental health training for CHS staff members started this week and will continue throughout the semester, also a part of the Culture of Care program. In addition, Harmas said construction on the school after the Dec...

Culture of Care Week Expands, CHS adjusts after closures, Harmas says

Principal Tom Harmas, assistant principal Toby Steele and social studies teacher Justin Quick sport matching pajama pants on the first day of Culture of Care week. The first spirit day this week was pajama day.

Carson TerBush

February 7, 2019

As this week is Culture of Care week, numerous activities will commence to promote mental health awareness, according to Principal Tom Harmas. Additionally, Harmas said administrators, including Superintendent Michael Beresford, are still debating how to make up the school time lost in last week’s thr...

After explosion, Harmas focuses on rebuilding CHS

Workers piled debris from the explosion in dumpsters while working at CHS on Jan. 2. According to Principal Tom Harmas, work crews have made efficient progress on repairs to the building but he does not know when all of the damage will be completely fixed. Photographer: Nick Beckman

Carson TerBush

January 21, 2019

After the Dec. 26 explosion that occurred at CHS in a boiler room near the fieldhouse, Principal Tom Harmas said he and his administrative team have been focused on facilitating repairs and restoring the building back to normal. Harmas said he is proud that construction crews fixed the exterior roof and clear most debris from the fieldhouse and surrounding areas very quickly, but said he does not know when the overall repairs will be completed or how much they will ultimately cost. Roger McMichael, Asso...

CHS to renovate, rebuild destroyed CHS gyms

Superintendent Michael Beresford comments on the remarkable work being done on the fieldhouse. Beresford hopes everything continues to go well.

Misha Rekhter

January 18, 2019

Due to the Dec. 26 explosion in the fieldhouse area at CHS, court one in the fieldhouse and the freshman gyms are shut down for the rest of the year. Additionally, according to Superintendent Michael Beresford, while professionals have stabilized the area, it will not be accessible and is in the pro...

Boiler room fire effect on Carmel Dads Club basketball

The damage in Carmel High Schools fieldhouse. Jack Beery, President of Carmel Dads Club, said via email “We are all
thankful the two people injured are recovering and blessed that no one
else was hurt.” This photo was taken by the Emergency Restoration

Jesse Cooper

January 14, 2019

On Dec. 27, 2018 CHS had an explosion in its boiler room that was large enough to create damage in the schools fieldhouse, which is the location where Carmel Dads Club (CDC) hosts most of their games and practices. Due to this explosion, CDC has had to relocate where it has held its practices....

Intramurals to halt season

Uma Kandallu

January 14, 2019

Intramurals is currently putting the basketball season on hold as a result of the recent boiler explosion that occurred over winter break. However, if the repairs on the fieldhouse are completed quickly enough or if an arrangement can be worked out between several other varsity, freshman, and sophomor...

Champions Together to conduct swimming relay Jan. 26

Co-president and senior Emily Elzinga grabs her keys during passing period. According to Elzinga, Champions Together had their first meeting for Mr. Carmel in December to begin to choose the boys and judges for the event.

Angela Qian

January 14, 2019

Champions Together (CT) will host their second annual Unified Swimming Relay at the Natatorium on Saturday, Jan. 26. According to the CT Unified Swimming Relay website, the relay will begin at 12:30 p.m. during a break in the Greyhound JV Classic, the junior varsity women’s swimming meet. The club als...