Harmas hires new teachers for next year, reflects on second year as principal


Principal Tom Harmas works on his computer. Harmas said he is currently working on hiring and planning for next year.

Carson TerBush

The year is wrapping up with teacher appreciation week this week, graduation and grad fest on May 30, and general preparations for next year, according to Principal Tom Harmas. Harmas said most of his energy is being focused on hiring teachers and making other arrangements for next year as this year is almost done.

“We are in the midst of hiring, so we’re doing all kinds of interviews for next year,” Harmas said. “We have math, science, language arts, special ed and social studies (positions) that we’ve been interviewing for and bringing candidates in and out.”

Harmas said final construction fixing areas in and around the Fieldhouse after the Dec. 26 explosion will wrap up over the summer, currently planned to be completely finished by the start of next school year.

“I know the (contracting) bids have been in. I know that some of that is going to the school board (for approval) very soon,” Harmas said. “The idea is even pre-construction starting this week, and the planning and so forth, and that will be carried out until August next year. Usually you give (construction companies) a little wiggle room; whether that’s the end of August or sometime in September when everything is perfect. We know that there will be delays.”

According to Student Body President Tim Metken, planning for next year is also happening in student government as class officer elections are planned for next week and the following weeks.

“This year one of the new things that we did is that everyone has to write some essays, which I think is fantastic. They write the essays and they prove that they’re interested in Senate. A lot of people run for Senate and get in, and they’re just unmotivated and they don’t do a lot of work,” Metken said. “We’re hoping this will kind of make people take it a little bit more seriously.”

Harmas reflected on his time as the CHS principal this year.

Harmas said, “I would say I really appreciate the senior leadership this year. I think our seniors set a positive tone, I think our seniors truly care about one another and you could tell that just in the way the entire student body has handled this year. I’ve been very grateful for the leadership of Dr. Beresford coming in. He really is here for the right reasons, and that’s a pleasure as a principal to be with. The second year (as principal), knowing what’s coming up and knowing what your responsibilities are, is much easier than the first when you’re not sure exactly what that all looks like. The way that our teacher leaders are stepping up, in culture of care and in many different avenues, it’s nice that they’re willing to lead because our teachers are excellent and they have a lot of wonderful ideas. Asking them to be a part of the leadership team, all of us are, that has been really exciting for me.” By Carson TerBush