November 11, 2019

Viyang Hao | November 6, 2019

Earlier this year, a group of Asian-Americans filed a lawsuit against Harvard University and its admissions office, claiming its admissions process was discriminated against Asian-Americans. The federal judge who oversaw this case recently announced that there was little discrimination towards Asian Americans in Harvard’s application process.  Before the lawsuit verdict, sophomore Manasa Kesa...

UNICEF to organize Give Back Night and meeting on Nov. 5 at Freddy’s

Grace Xu | November 3, 2019

Carmel UNICEF will host Give Back Night at Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers on Nov. 5, where customers showing a UNICEF flyer will have 20% of their spendings go toward Carmel UNICEF. According to Viha Bynagari, the club's co-president and senior, the club not only plans to host more Give Back Nights in the future as part of fundraising but will be continuing its Trick-or-Treat initiative...

Carmel residents to vote on School Safety referendum with Nov. 5 ballot

Riya Chinni | November 3, 2019

Carmel residents will vote on the School Safety referendum on Nov. 5, which details a tax increase where all funds will go towards providing more Student Resource Officers (SROs), mental health support and services to Carmel Clay Schools and other safety measures, according to Superintendent Michael Beresford.    Beresford said he is “cautiously optimistic” of the referendum and that...

Media center to host Gatsby Gallery Walk, Holocaust Gallery Walk, prepares for Hour of Code

Karen Zhang | November 2, 2019

According to Terri Ramos, department chairperson for media and communications, the media center currently has its Gatbsy Gallery Walk in partnership with the junior English classes. Ramos also said the media center will host its Holocaust Gallery Walk from Nov. 4 to Nov. 7 in partnership with the sophomore English classes who are currently reading Night. According to Ramos, the media center is also...

TEDx leadership team strives to increase membership

Rhea Acharya | November 2, 2019

According to Sarah Konrad, design head and junior, the club’s leadership team is currently focused on getting more people to join TEDx.   Konrad said, “We want to increase membership because we’ve seen our numbers go down as so many former members graduated (last spring). And we want to ensure that the club will exist beyond our high school careers.”   Agreeing with...