Q&A with principal Tom Harmas on school’s reopening

Aniket Biswal | August 12, 2020

Principal Thomas Harmas How will hybrid-option students socially distance themselves while in the hallways? [Students] should not congregate in the hallways and continue to walk to wherever they need to be. Students should treat the hallways as a grocery store, where they distance themselves, but also keep others safe too.   While in the classroom, will students be able to socially...

Selam “Selamawit” Waclawik, co-founder, co-president of Black Student Alliance and senior

Cady Armstrong | August 8, 2020

How often do you plan on meeting this year? Before (COVID-19) happened, we met every other Thursday. However, since quarantine we’ve just been (meeting) via text and hopefully for this year we can meet every Thursday or Tuesday.  Can students still join if they are participating in the virtual option for the 2020-21 school year? We would love to have (virtual learners) join our club. We...

Morgan Blakey, Black Student Alliance co-founder, co-president and senior

Cady Armstrong | August 8, 2020

What goes on at a typical Black Student Alliance meeting?  We usually start off by introducing ourselves to get to know each other and then we also have activities like games that involve black culture such as black jeopardy and just do things that surround black culture. Additionally in February we help to make posters and more fun activities to celebrate Black History Month. Also, (at the meetings),...

Book Review: Things Fall Apart [MUSE]

Grace Xu | August 3, 2020

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe primarily follows the story of Okonkwo, set in the Nigerian Ibo villages. The first half of the novel establishes the setting and characters thoroughly, delving into the various characteristics of Ibo culture through a slice-of-life sort of pacing. The latter half then explores the turmoil and trauma that Okonkwo experiences, both as an individual and in his community,...

Q&A with Joseph Schaller, Assistant Principal of Operations, about update in school construction plans

Valliei Chandrakumar | August 2, 2020

  Joseph Schaller - Assistant Principal of Operations What is your role in preparing CHS for students’ return in August? I think it’s kind of a group effort among many of the assistant principals, the principal, as well as our central office in basically getting together, brainstorming different ideas, looking at what other schools are doing, ways that we can incorporate that into...