Boiler room fire effect on Carmel Dads Club basketball


The damage in Carmel High Schools fieldhouse. Jack Beery, President of Carmel Dads Club, said via email “We are all thankful the two people injured are recovering and blessed that no one else was hurt.” This photo was taken by the Emergency Restoration Team.

Jesse Cooper

On Dec. 27, 2018 CHS had an explosion in its boiler room that was large enough to create damage in the schools fieldhouse, which is the location where Carmel Dads Club (CDC) hosts most of their games and practices.

Due to this explosion, CDC has had to relocate where it has held its practices. According to the club’s president Jack Beery, the players impacted by the explosion have moved their practices to the middle schools, and Pups travel basketball has moved to a facility outside of Carmel.

Beery also said via email, “So, far all changes (and relocations) are working. All of the players, coaches and families have been really understanding of the situation. We are all very lucky it wasn’t a normal school night.”

Taha Shakeel, CDC basketball player said “The boiler fire in the school destroyed the courts that we normally play on. Because of this we are forced to play our games at the Creekside (middle school)  gyms instead of the CHS ones.”

Despite the explosion and the chaos, CDC is still going strong, and they currently have spring registration for anyone who is interested. Registration will be open until March.