Choirs finish auditions, begin preparations for spring concert

Director of Choirs Katherine Kouns sends an email to Jeff Worrell, a member of the Chamber of Commerce on March 7 in her office. The email was in regards to possible promotion of Select Sound’s Ear Candy concert, which will take place two days after they return from Washington D.C.

Josie Cruzan

March 22, 2019

The choirs finished auditions in the first week of March, and now the three choir directors, Katherine Kouns, Kyle Barker and Sam Chenoweth, are working to place the students who auditioned into the choirs that the directors feel are the best fit. Choir placements will be announced the week of March 24 t...

Choirs prepare for Auditions, Choral Showcase

Director of choirs Katherine Kouns prepares a program on her computer in her office on Jan. 22. The program was for a concert being held at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

Josie Cruzan

January 31, 2019

Students from all of the choirs except Counterpoints and Expressions recently went on the Applied Music trip to New York City, getting back on Jan. 21. In addition, the choirs are currently in audition season, which will run until March. Director of choirs Katherine Kouns said that students are...

Choir Members React to Change in Freshman Choirs in Preparation for Fall Concert

Josie Cruzan

September 20, 2018

The Fall concert which is on October 9, will be the first concert of the year, and so it will be a chance for Choir students and teachers to see how the changes that have been made this year will affect the dynamic of the concert. In previous years, freshman choir members were split into two choirs, Cou...

Choirs to have concert on March 19


March 1, 2014

The choirs are preparing for their concert on March 19 in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. According to choir director Lamonte Kuskye, students are currently learning new music for the concert, which is more classical in nature. He said he feels anxious but excited, in part because of the impact of many ...

Counterpoints discussing changes for placement in future

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March 30, 2011

Counterpoints, CHS freshman choir, has begun discussing a few changes for future choir placement. Choir director Ann Conrad said she and the other directors have been considering changing how Counterpoints is portrayed to students in the Program of Studies. The full title of the choir is called “beginning...

Counterpoints continues auditioning and preparing for March concert


March 17, 2011

Counterpoints, CHS freshman choir, is currently in the middle of auditions for next year’s placement and is also preparing for its upcoming concert, which is scheduled to be on March 23 at 7:30 p.m. Due to the recent snow days, auditions have been pushed back a little bit, according to choir directo...