Choirs to have concert on March 19


The choirs are preparing for their concert on March 19 in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium.

According to choir director Lamonte Kuskye, students are currently learning new music for the concert, which is more classical in nature. He said he feels anxious but excited, in part because of the impact of many snow days on the choir schedule.

“With all the delays and snow days, (preparation) is getting much more difficult. It takes a lot of organization; we like staying busy,” Kuskye said.

Each of the choirs will be performing at the spring concert. However, they will not be learning any choreography.

In the midst of a season filled with musical auditions and concerts, Ioni Robinson, member of Counterpoints and freshman, said she is happy about it.

“I feel like (the concert) will be definitely easier than ‘Holiday Spec.’ It will probably be like the Fall Concert, and we’re not doing any dance numbers,” Robinson said.