Biking to Victory: Q&A with Ellie Dyas, award-winning cyclist and senior

Senior Ellie Dyas rides her bike—cycling can be a team or individual sport. Dyas said she will often cycle in the front during team events so that her teammates behind her conserve energy to win at the end, since aerodynamics play a large factor in fast-paced road cycling.

Raphael Li

October 24, 2019

When did you start cycling? I got into it about seven years ago. My dad had been doing it for a little bit, and then I went to a race and it looked really fun, so I started pretty soon after that. When did you start biking competitively? I was competing basically from the time I started. I raced mou...

Fighting a Language Battle: Students, staff discuss Carmel’s foreign language learning opportunities throughout high school compared to internationally

Junior Ava Hutchison (left) visits the Academie Nationale de Musique with her IUHPFL exchange group in France over the summer of 2018. Hutchinson said her summer program allowed her to learn more about France.

Tara Kandallu, Maddie Kosc, Robbie Ge, and Raphael Li

January 24, 2019

Junior Ava Hutchison walks down the hall with purpose, but stops when she sees someone who is familiar to her, her French II teacher, Kim Manlick. Although she was planning to go class early to study, she still stops to say “Bonjour.” For Hutchison, although France has always been a passion of he...

Biking Boom: Students, community members discuss Bike Carmel events, including upcoming Ride, Dine, & Dance this Saturday

A Bike Carmel participant rides out of a parking lot. Ellie Dyas, avid biker and junior, says that biking helps bring people together.

Tara Kandallu

August 14, 2018

    On Saturday, the city of Carmel will host a casual 8-10 mile bike ride that ends with bikers enjoying a street party on main street called Ride, Dine, and Dance. The event was started in 2017 and usually sees around 150 bikers. Along with the Ride, Dine, & Dance, the city of ...