Members of art-focused clubs debate whether unequal distribution of 2020 City of Carmel Arts Grants is justifiable

(Submitted photo) In January, the Art Club hosted a Bob Ross event. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, all of the events planned for Art Club and the National Art Honors Society have been cancelled.

Valliei Chandrakumar

April 9, 2020

Earlier this month, the City of Carmel, in accordance with the 2020 Arts Grant Program, donated $3,500 to the Carmel High School Orchestra Parents Club. The CHS Art Club and National Art Honor Society (NAHS) received no financial support from the organization although a majority of the clubs' funds ...

Complaints about funding distribution to athletics department largely unfounded


May 22, 2014

Last year, it was the fitness center. This year, it’s the turf. To the ordinary CHS student or parent, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to question the amount of money that goes into funding the athletics department. Why spend millions of dollars on an expanded athletics facility when our classrooms ar...

After Ritz win, CCS hopes to revisit high-perfoming district designation

After Ritz win, CCS hopes to revisit high-perfoming district designation


December 14, 2012

Glenda Ritz will be inaugurated as Indiana’s Superintendent for Public Instruction on Jan. 14 in an election victory that CCS board member Tricia Hackett said “was a shock” to the state. Hackett said Ritz connected with the grassroots audience better than incumbent Tony Bennett, and that Bennett...

Sinking Costs

Money Matters: Roger McMichael, assistant superintendent of business affairs, discusses the effect the deduction will have on Carmel Clay Schools. According to McMichael, CCS will lose $97,000 per semester. Stuart Jackson / Photo


February 23, 2012

By the time freshman Morgan Montgomery graduates from Carmel High School, she will have endured eight semesters as a part of Carmel Clay Schools (CCS). As second semester elapses, somewhere in the state of Indiana, another student is also in the second semester of his or her freshman year. The one difference...