Students at CHS disagree with Trump’s former executive order

On Jan. 29, junior Alexis O’Brien went to a Trump protest at the Indianapolis International Airport to protest against the president’s executive order to temporarily ban immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries. O’Brien made a sign saying “We Love You,” in Arabic, French and English. She said that she doesn’t support Trump’s order because not all immigrants are terrorists and because the issue blocked some Americans who were returning back to the US from one of those countries.

Allison Li, Beats Editor

February 21, 2017

Junior Alexis O’Brien   Did you agree with Trump’s decision? Can you see where he’s coming from? Not at all. I don't agree with Trump’s policies. I agree that vetting could be a little stronger but that was extreme and I know plenty of people from those countries who aren...

It’s Not a Love Story: Fans criticize Taylor Swift’s decision to pull albums from Spotify

It's Not a Love Story: Fans criticize Taylor Swift's decision to pull albums from Spotify


December 12, 2014

Sophomore Jenny Shi is one Taylor Swift fan who isn’t happy about Taylor Swift’s recent decision to remove her music from the popular music service Spotify. “I love Taylor Swift. Her music is good. She makes me want to be myself, and I enjoy her lyrics,” Shi said. “I was really upset when I fou...