Keep Mindfulness in Mind: As finals week approaches, students, teachers evaluate another way to alleviate stress: mindfulness.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) students work on their breathing meditation. Junior Aubrie Bradbury (second from the right) said she found out about mindfulness during her freshman year, but during TOK, she got back into practicing mindfulness, which has been helpful for her.

Lin-Lin Mo

December 14, 2017

Every Gold Day, junior Aubrie Bradbury comfortably sits crossed-legged and leans against large bean bags for back support during meditation exercises, directed over the speakers. She follows its directions, inhaling and exhaling when told, sometimes smiling when something unexpected interrupts the flow. She...

Coming Together: IB Students Participate in World Conference, Show Growth of Program

Senior Simrat Oberoi holds up her summer IB reading assignment. Her tasks were to read How to Read Literature Like a Professor, to apply what she read to other novels and to read a selection of poems.

Kalea Miao, Reporter

August 15, 2017

The International Baccalaureate (IB), is an educational foundation founded in 1968 but has only been offered at CHS for a little over a decade. In these past years, the program has grown in enrollment and, recently, offered a major opportunity to Alyssa Highberg and Carly Chia, IB students and seniors. ...

IB students prepare for college-style exams


April 30, 2009

The IB program, in its second year, teaches students to think in broad terms with research papers and hopes to attract more prospective students through pre-IB SRTs By Susie Chen <[email protected]> May, for hundreds of students here, is the month of AP exams. But for senior Kirby Pruis,...