Students recognize division in politics due to different genders’ political values

Senior April Johnson expresses her liberal views in class by explaining the “majority rules” voting system. The government operates on a similar system, making decisions based on the preferences of the majority. To demonstrate  the system, Johnson asked her classmates to show their opinions by raising their hands in a class vote. CAROLYN ZHANG // PHOTO


October 9, 2015

Senior Benjamin “Ben” Miller has always been drawn to politics. His interest spurred from his fascination with John F. Kennedy. Recently, Miller said he has noticed an increasing gender gap in politics. Today, a woman’s role in politics is typically associated with the gender gap, but news outlets...

School spirit should come before inter-class competition


October 17, 2008

By Lexi Muir <[email protected]> Football games have always been a time to cheer on the team as well as your class. I can’t even count the number of times I heard the seniors chanting “Oh-Eight” last year, and it was always responded to by a loud and competitive “Oh-Nine” from my cla...