artful strokes: 
Senior Nash Cheslock adds details to a pair of white Nike Air Force 1 shoes. Cheslock said he mostly uses acrylic paints for these projects.

Q&A with senior Nash Cheslock on shoe painting hobby

Avery Carlisle October 22, 2021

When did you start painting shoes and how did you discover this hobby? I saw one guy on YouTube do it and it looked really cool, so I figured I would make my own pair. I also paint AirPods and do regular...

Nick Popowicks, a junior and forward on the Icehounds gold team, watches the game after finishing his shift during the Icehounds 5-2 victory over Zionsville. Popowicks said that although some Friday night games have student spectators, there are very few people that watch weekend games. I don’t believe that not being associated with IHSAA has affected our performance, but it would be nice for hockey to be recognized as an IHSAA sport.

With Gold, Blue games tomorrow, CHS Icehounds express their desire to be a school sanctioned sport

Daniel Kim December 12, 2019

At CHS, sports such as basketball, football and soccer are all sanctioned by the school; they have their own fields, equipment and schedules given and organized by the school’s athletics department....

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