Stop Copying Me: Students should follow their own passions instead of copying activities pursued by their older siblings, other family members

Amy Tian

January 24, 2019

As I was growing up, I always followed in the footsteps of my brother who was four years older than me. When we were younger, if my brother did well in an activity, sport or class, my parents would sign me up for it as well later on. While this was not harmful before high school, I began to realize...

Only One Short of an Empty Nest


November 20, 2009

Students weigh the pros and cons of becoming the lone child in the household when older siblings leave for college By Laura Peng <[email protected]> Throughout his freshman year, sophomore Nikhil Dharan always asked his older brother Rohan (Class of ’09) for homework help whenever he didn’t understand an assignment. But ever since Rohan left for the University of Michig...