Emily Sandy (LEFT), staff member and sophomore, and senior Claire Sandy (RIGHT) pose for a selfie. Emily said they love to look at filters on Snapchat and watch cat videos together.

It’s past time to retire word ‘retard,’ embrace those with differences

Emily Sandy March 20, 2020

In seventh grade, I came home to the yells of my sister who was screaming to my mom that someone at school called her a “retard.” My sister, who has special needs, was clearly upset by the fact that...

Best Buddies club members play games such as basketball during SRT. The club aims to raise awareness about the R-word throughout March and will sell wristbands as well as put up a poster for students to sign. MILES DAI / PHOTO

Best Buddies encourage students to sign ‘End the R-word’ pledge throughout March

News February 27, 2014

“Don’t be such a retard!” Alex Hiller, Peer Buddy and junior, said she heard a boy yell this across the table at her sixth-grade brother’s birthday party and deals with situations like this...

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